Is The Glory on Netflix based on a true story?

This South Korean drama series on Netflix is the talk of the town - but is it a true story?

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Netflix's most recent talked-about show, has been garnering attention, but is The Glory based on a true story?

If you've watched season one of The Glory, you know that we last caught up with the cast at the end of episode eight, and were left wondering what might happen next. But don't worry - Netflix has already confirmed there will be a part two coming out in March 2023, and the next eight episodes will continue to unveil more fascinating plotlines, making it one of the best new Netflix shows to stream in January.

What is The Glory about?

Much like the plot of No Return, Netflix's newest popular drama series, The Glory, explores the theme of bullying, with the help of its protagonist, Moon Dong-eun played by Song Hye-kyo. Moon swears to make the lives of her high school bullies hellish, using various methods to wreak havoc on their lives and families. And trust us when we say she reaches unprecedented lengths in order to achieve this. Needless to say, she's living the life many victims of bullying wish they could've lived. 

Bullying, obviously, has always been and continues to be a huge issue across the board, so the themes of this show leave viewers begging the question: are the contents of The Glory based on true events?

the glory on netflix

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Is The Glory based on a true story?

The series was written by Kim Eun-sook, who explained at a press conference for the show how important the message was to her. "I’m a parent with a daughter going into 11th grade the day after tomorrow. School violence is a topic that hits close to home for me,” she said. 

So although the contents of The Glory aren't specifically true, they certainly are relatable for Kim Eun-sook. 

Kim also explained at that same press conference that her daughter's personal experiences led to the development of the show. Her daughter asked her, "Would you be more hurt if I beat someone to death, or was beaten to death?" That question sparked "a lot of ideas" Kim said. 

the glory on netflix

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She went on to explain that, when she did research while writing the show, she spoke to victims of bullying and violence.

"In the moment of violence, you lose things you cannot see, such as dignity, honor, and glory. I thought that you had to get that apology to return to one’s starting point so I made the title ‘The Glory.’ It’s my encouragement to victims like Dong-eun, Hyeon-nam, and Yeo-jeong,” Kim explained further.

Of course, this isn't the only piece of South Korean media that explores themes of bullying and power struggles. Folks can also look to movies like the Oscar-winner Parasite, or the uber-popular Netflix show Squid Game.

If you're interested in catching The Glory before the second part airs in March, you can watch the first eight episodes on Netflix.

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