How to watch The Curse of Oak Island, season 10

Will the cast of characters on The Curse of Oak Island finally find and unbury the mysterious treasure that’s hidden on the island?

The Curse of Oak Island
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The much anticipated tenth season of the Curse of Oak Island, the History Channel reality TV show chronicling the adventures of treasure hunters on Oak Island, off the shore of Nova Scotia in Canada, is premiering tonight.

Central to the show is the 227-year-old Oak Island mystery, which involves a series of stories about a supposed buried treasure found on or near the territory. Throughout the years, certain mysterious objects have been unearthed on the island, leading many to believe in the existence of a bigger treasure (albeit none has yet been found). 

As a result, plenty of folks have traveled to the territory to dig into the ground. Most importantly, according to an ancient curse that originated over a century ago, seven men will have to perish in search of the treasure before someone finds it. As of today, six men have already died in connection to the mystery.


Season ten of The Curse of Oak Island premieres on the History Channel tonight at 9pm EST, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday night after that. 

Fans can stream each episode for free the day after it airs on the History Channel’s website, where they can also catch up on all previous seasons.


The first season of reality show The Curse of Oak Island premiered in January of 2014, featuring a core group of treasure hunters mostly headed by brothers Marty and Rick Lagina, who are from Kingsford in Michigan. 

As long-time fans of the show know, Rick is a retired postal worker who first read about the mystery in the January 1965 edition of Reader's Digest when he was only 11 years old and immediately got his brother Marty interested in the matter. 

Marty, on the other hand, owns a vineyard in his hometown and is also a certified diver. The two brothers purchased the majority of Oak Island in 2004 - a clear display of their devotion to the solving of the mystery.

The Curse of Oak Island

(Image credit: History Channel)

Although the Lagina brothers are obviously the focal point of the series, throughout the seasons, the team has expanded to include a slew of specialists that are purposely brought on the island to help unravel the mystery. These include Alex Lagina, Marty's son who is a qualified diver and the star of the spin-off series The Curse of Civil War Gold; Dan Blankenship, who has worked hard to find the treasure for close to 50 years but passed at the age of 95 in 2019, before filming on season 7 even started; and Dave Blakenship, Dan's son and one of only three permanent residents of Oak Island.  

Other standout personalities that audience members are familiar with include Charles Barkhouse, a historian that also works as a tour guide for Oak Island Tours, Marty's business partner Craig Tester and his stepson Jack Begley, who usually takes on the "dirtier" island tasks. 

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