How to stop condensation this winter with two simple household objects

You can prevent damp, rot and other issues caused by condensation with this clever trick

Condensation on window with morning sun shining through
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As the winter months draw in, many houses have issues with water soaking the inside of windows as the temperature drops outdoors.

You may have thought that your only concern was how to clean windows without streaks for a sparkling finish—but condensation must also be monitored. This is because the issue, if left for too long, can eventually start to cause problems that might end up being expensive to fix in the future.

Anticipating the problems of excessive condensation, one user in a Facebook group asked for help. The Facebook user asked, “Window condensation... how do you all manage to wake up every morning without it. It’s on every window at the front of my house and it’s quite bad.”

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One person replied to the original question explaining, “I know this sounds crazy, but…pop cat litter into old socks and tie at the top, it’s cheap and lasts for ages. We use this in our old campervan too, works a treat.”

This cat litter and sock combo was repeated by another person who said, “Buy a bag of cat litter, fill socks with it and place it on each window sill.

“It will draw in the moisture. Change litter every month.”

What problems can condensation cause?

When condensation isn’t dealt with immediately it can go on to encourage black mold to start growing on your walls, ceilings, and windows.

The infamous mold isn't only unsightly, but can also have a negative impact on the health of those exposed to it.

mould spreading across wall in house

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Black mold can easily spread further, damaging your belongings especially if they are stored next to a draughty area.

For example, if you have a wardrobe by a window or a door, the mold can spread into your clothes.

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