How many episodes of The Suspect are left, when's the finale, and what happened in Episode 4?

The Suspect on ITV sees Aidan Turner play a clinical psychologist who becomes a suspect in a murder case after helping police with their investigation

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The Suspect has kept crime fans clued to their screens ever since the thrilling series dropped on ITV in August - and fortunately, there's still more to come. 

With similar themes to those found in HBO's Mare of Easttown, this five-part drama introduces audiences to a doting family man with a successful career who seems to have it all – until he doesn't. 

Starring Aidan Turner as Doctor Joe O’Loughlin and based on the Michael Robotham book of the same name, The Suspect tells the story of a clinical psychologist who becomes a suspect in a murder case while assisting police with the investigation of a stabbed woman. This unwanted scrutiny leads him down a tumultuous path to avoid prosecution, with plenty of exciting twists and turns along the way to keep viewers entertained – and perhaps more importantly – guessing. 

Turner is joined in The Suspect by Shaun Parkes and Anjli Mohindra as DI Ruiz and DS Devi, the two detectives attempting to solve the mystery, while Sian Clifford plays Dr. Rachel Fenwick, Dr. O'Loughlin's loyal friend. 


The Suspect

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How many episodes of The Suspect are left? 

Four episodes of The Suspect are already available to watch on the ITV Hub, with one more episode still to drop. 

When's the finale of The Suspect? 

The fifth and final episode of The Suspect will air on ITV on Tuesday, September 27. 

What happened in Episode 4 of The Suspect? 

The penultimate episode of The Suspect, Episode 4, left viewers on quite the cliffhanger ahead of the highly-anticipated finale. 

At the end of Episode 3, Joe's chances of escaping prosecution were looking pretty slim. 

DI Ruiz and DS Devi seemed convinced that the psychologist was involved in the murder, with the partners steadily building a solid case against him as their investigation unfolds. Joe's personal mission to find the actual killer – which leads him to focus on patient Bobby Moran (Bobby Scofield) – has only raised the officers' suspicions, prompting them to wonder if he's simply attempting to deflect blame. 


Shaun Parkes and Anjli Mohindra as DI Ruiz and DS Devi

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To make matters worse, Joe then discovers that his only alibi, Cara, has been killed by strangulation. He responds to this shocking development by running away, which only heightens the suspicions of DI Ruiz and DS Devi. 

Speculation is now growing that Joe has committed not just one, but two murders, leaving him utterly distraught and desperate to find a way out. His wife and daughter are also now at risk, as it becomes increasingly apparent that the mental health specialist could be facing years of prison for a crime he may not have even done.

It's gripping stuff – and we can't wait to find out what's in store for the finale. 

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