Have a perfect Christmas with Pippa and Carole Middleton

We might not have an invitation to any Royal Christmas functions this
year – invitation presumably got lost in the post – but we can apply
some solid advice to our own soirees.

Carole Middleton founded Party Pieces
in 1987 after finding it difficult to source fun, simple party products
for her children’s parties. The company is the original UK mail-order
party company – starting from a shed in the back garden. Now, more than
25 years on, the company is going from strength to strength, and with
Carole actively involved, it’s still very much a family business.

But she’s not the only party planner in the family! Her daughter Pippa has made a name for herself as an impeccable hostess after realeasing her party-planning book Celebrate. Pippa gave some hot party tips to Waitrose Weekend ahead of the festive season, so why not team them with Carole’s to make this Christmas extra-special? 

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The bigger the better!

Carole: “Be
bold and don’t shy away from large-scale decorations. It’s all too easy
to play it safe, but for me, the bigger, the better! Showcase large
handing accessories in your hallways to give your home an impressive
entrance. My particular favourites are our 3D hanging stars,
large silver snowflake pinweels and pom-poms, which are all inexpensive
yet full of impact. There is nothing nicer than seeing your home all
dressed up!”


Don’t forget the magic of Christmas

Pippa: “For children, few things bring on the anticipation of Christmas more than the thought of stockings bursting with presents… I still feel that twinkle of joy in giving others – young and old – a bundle of thoughtful surprises.”

Go colourful

Carole: “When
buying in new ranges for Party Pieces, I love discovering what the
different trends will be for the coming year. The says of just
traditional colours are a thing of the past. This year I really like
styles where red, aqua, green and gold are teamed together – so fresh
and contemporary. Our concertina lanterns are just beautiful and very
popular this season.”


Label wisely

Pippa: “Once I’ve found the right gifts, the next problem is making sure
each item is small enough to pack into a stocking – and also finding
wrapping paper thin enough to wrap small or awkward gifts… I tend to go for a different pattern of wrapping paper for different
family members and use Post-it notes to label what’s what.”

Include the youngsters

Carole: “Most
children of any age won’t be too interested in adult conversation, so
why not give them a party of their own and set up a table especially for
them? You can tailor the food and drink accordingly and add some fun
craft things to make and do, like mask-making for the younger ones.
Teenagers will love a “mocktail” party. Create lots of colourful,
alcohol-free concoctions in our range of coloured plastic glassware. Or
why not serve some sparkling elderflower for their own glass of fizz – a
guaranteed hit!”

And always keep your eyes peeled for presents!

Pippa: “I often find quirky and fun gifts when I
least expect to – in antiques and card shops, browsing the internet or
window shopping. I love adding a personal touch to everyone’s