Fart filtering sheets hit the market—here's how they work

Fart filtering sheets might be about to end the issue of flatulence when sharing a bed with someone

Fart filtering sheets.
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Fart filtering sheets are one of those inventions that leaves you wondering, "why didn't I think of that?!" The ingenious bed linen might be about to end the issue of flatulence when sharing a bed with someone—here's everything to know.

Cohabiting can be a minefield for many reasons and one of the big issues involved with living with someone is dealing with all manner of sights and smells.

In this case, smells are the issue, and a UK-based firm promises that their incredibly smart technology actively fights farts. The company in question, Shreddies, has already released fart filtering underpants and now they've added their best bed linen to the market too.

The clever technology relies on micro-fibers in carbon panels that serve to not only catch but also neutralize any stinky smells.

According to the company, "Shreddies flatulence filtering garments feature an activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors. Due to its highly porous nature, the gas becomes trapped and neutralized by the cloth, which is then reactivated by simply washing the garment."

Shreddies assistant manager Rebecca Jones said the average human passes gas between 14-20 times a day. As well as that she added that many people experience excessive flatulence at night. 

Rebecca said the reasoning behind this is that when you lie down the built-up gases in your body ‘pool’ inside you instead of coming out a little bit at a time—which can badly affect people's lives.

Carbon Undersheet  $150—$170(£110—£125) | Shreddies

Carbon Undersheet  $150—$170(£110—£125) | Shreddies

A revolutionary and discreet way to avoid any awkward smells from waking anybody up in the night!

"We know from speaking to our customers that bad flatulence at night can drive spouses from their marital bed so our new range was created to battle this problem," she said.

The company initially created underpants and has extended to include a range of cushions, jeans and pj bottoms. So the answer to the best his and hers Christmas pyjamas might well be found at Shreddies!

Their bedding range includes a flatulence filtering duvet cover and a revolutionary carbon undersheet which is designed to fit snugly to your mattress and underneath your fitted sheet making it almost undetectable.

Shreddies have also become popular with people who experience incontinence, like the 70% of women over 40 who have a weak bladder. Their range of washable and discreet incontinence underwear for men, women, and children has revolutionized the market.

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