Ex-Miss Ukraine warns 'invaders will die on our land' as she joins fight against Russia

Former beauty queen Anastasiia Lenna has vowed to protect Ukraine against Russia's invasion

Ex-Miss Ukraine warns 'invaders will die on our land' as she joins fight against Russia
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A former Miss Ukraine has joined the battle to defend her country against Russian attacks, warning that 'the invaders will die on our land.' 

Anastasiia Lenna, 31, revealed she is 'training' to resist President Putin's invasion of the Eastern European country on Sunday. 

The former beauty queen, who competed in 2015 for Ukraine in the Miss Grand International pageant, shared a photo of herself armed with a rifle and wearing military attire on 22, February 2022—two days before Russia launched its full-scale attacks on her native country. 

She captioned the image, which has since been liked by 99k people, "#standwithukraine #handsoffukraine". 

Her brave post has been widely circulated on social media, as the global community bands together to help the people of Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis. 

In an accompanying video on her Instagram stories, Anastasiia can be seen firing a missile at a shooting range. She described the activity as "training", before warning that, 'The invaders will die on our land! All world see this! Wait and see what will happen." 

The Kyiv model and TV personality, who also holds a marketing and management from Slavistik University, went on to urge her fellow Ukrainians to follow suit and join her on the frontline. 

"Anyone who wants to join the defense of security in Europe, the world can come and stand side by side with Ukrainians against the invaders of the 21st century," she said. "Ask your embassy.”

Mulitliginual Anastasiia, who is now is one of the 36,000 women serving in the Ukraine military, has also shown support for President Zelensky. She has hailed the 44-year-old, who has joined the fight against Russia, as a 'true and strong leader' on social media, and even joked that "our army is fighting in such a way that NATO should apply for entry into Ukraine."

Anastasiia has been widely praised for her courage in 'defending her homeland' and showing 'patrionism' during this painful time. 

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