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  • Do you want to realise your potential or move your career up a level? We’ve teamed up with Everywoman, the network for women in business, so you can get advice and hear from women like you. For Free!

    Whether you’re employed, self-employed, run a business or have a great idea for one, everywoman has resources to help you invest in yourself and enjoy more success. 
We know you are passionate about learning new skills and embracing change. That is why we have teamed up with everywoman, the global membership network and resource tool for women in business, to offer you a month’s free membership to help develop your career, or be your own boss and enjoy a better income!

    Everywoman’s aim is to advance women in business, giving them a helping hand up the career ladder. The network currently has over 22,000 members active all over the world and covers everything from personal development – through the use of workbooks and webinars (seminars conducted over the internet) – to award programmes and networking opportunities.

    ‘Learning from and sharing experiences with women who’ve been on a similar journey to you is invaluable’

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    Meet the Everywoman founders

    Best friends Karen Gill, 56, and Maxine Benson, 54, started everywoman in 1999 after discovering a gap in the market for a network aimed at working women. Both are married and live in London.

    Maxine says… “I met Karen when I was 21 and we started a company writing formats for TV programmes. Neither of us knew anyone in the industry and we failed – but it gave us the idea for everywoman.

    “We discovered more women than ever before were starting their own businesses, and many of them felt very isolated. We believed there was a real need for a community for women in business, as what you can learn from other women who have been on a similar journey to you is invaluable.

    “There’s so much I’ve been proud of in our 18 years. The Women in Retail Ambassadors programme, for instance, has uncovered some amazingly talented women.

    Karen says… “Like many women who start their own business, my personal journey had resulted in a need for me to do something different. I had my child in 1998 – I was working in hospitality for a big corporation and didn’t want to go back to working such unsociable hours. On my maternity leave, I met a lot of women who felt the same way – and Maxine and I believed we could create a global network for women to 
have a collective and powerful voice.

    “Over the years, it’s been the little things that have kept us motivated – for instance, an email from a woman who says that attending one of our conferences has made her follow the dream she’s been putting off for ten years.

    “Even though there’s still a long way to go, it’s certainly better for women in the workplace today than when we started out. There’s a different mindset – a real desire to make the workplace work for all people.”

    Get your FREE one month trial for Everywoman


    Why should you sign up to Everywoman?

    Stay Informed:

    Feel you’re lagging behind the latest trends in the business world? everywoman invests in up-to-the-minute thinking on gender diversity, learning and development skills with topical articles delivered directly to your inbox. For more information, go to everywoman.com/womanandhome

    Find new networking opportunities:

    Women are less likely to receive mentoring from senior executives than their male counterparts. everywoman’s forums and training programmes will help everywoman.com/womanandhome

    Get out of your career rut:

    Find your core values with regard to your job so you can work out what’s missing and how to add it to your working life:

    – When have I been most committed, passionate, enthusiastic?

    – When have I been most sure of myself and my decisions?

    – When have I most enjoyed my work?

    How to sign up to Everywoman

    Log in FREE to everywoman.com/womanandhome and try everywoman for yourself!
    W&H subscribers can enjoy a month’s FREE trial of the EverywomanNetwork, with access to workbooks, articles, webinars and videos that will help you develop your skills and take you to the next level.

    You will then have the opportunity to sign up as a full member at a discounted rate of £60 a year.

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