Eamonn Holmes’ Touching Gesture For Wife Ruth – After The Pair Had A Tense ‘Row’

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  • It was This Morning presenter Eamonn Holmes’ birthday this past weekend – but it seems as though the now 58-year-old was keen to celebrate his wife Ruth’s achievements on his big day, rather than his own.

    Over on Instagram, the TV personality revealed how he had planned wife Ruth a huge Strictly party on 3rd December to celebrate her success on the programme – the same day as his 58th birthday.

    Eamonn shared a sweet picture of the couple to reveal the news, writing, “U may have read the story today. Basically my #Birthday but Ruth’s surprise #Party.

    “She hadn’t a clue and as u can see ended up “emotional””


    And it appears Ruth really didn’t have a clue what her husband was planning, revealing live on Loose Women that the pair had actually had a huge row just a day before the big party.

    Chatting to her panellists, she revealed that she had planned to take her husband out to lunch to celebrate his birthday with all of the family.

    Ruth said, “We should have actually been celebrating Eamonn’s birthday on Sunday.

    “I’ve been really busy with Strictly so I hadn’t organised anything, so his son said we’d take him out for lunch and it was sorted. So I kept out of the way and had to pretend I’d had a hand in it.

    “But we had a bit of a row on Saturday, and Sunday morning I wished him happy birthday and he just grunted at me.”

    Ruth continued, to reveal that she then got upset, thinking Eamonn was angry because he hadn’t wanted her to do Strictly Come Dancing.

    She continued, “I said, ‘I know what this is all about – you didn’t want me to do Strictly, and you didn’t like the fact I did something on my own and that I did very well.’

    “So to cut a long story short we got to this expensive restaurant the kids had booked – and it turned out he had organised a ‘well done on Strictly‘ party for me!”

    And Loose Women viewers were then shown footage of the moment Ruth and Eamonn entered the restaurant, where the couple’s guests were singing the Strictly theme tune to celebrate her time on the show.

    Ruth went on to admit her guilt, saying she had some “making up to do” for rowing with her husband just before Eamonn’s touching gesture.

    She confessed, “I felt so bad. I’ve got so much making up to do – imagine how smug he must be.”

    We’re sure he’ll forgive you Ruth!

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