Eamonn Holmes issued with serious health warning on Good Morning Britain

Eamonn Holmes was hit with an uncomfortable discussion on Good Morning Britain this Monday, when a health expert warned that he was too overweight.

The programme had invited on Steve Miller, a weight loss expert, onto the show, to discuss whether or not GPs 'fat-shaming' their patients could help people to lose weight.

Contributing to the discussion, Eamonn revealed that he thinks doctors should be able to comment on the size of people they see in their surgery.

He went on to ask whether Steve, although not a doctor, would advise him to "lose two or three stone", as a health professional.

Steve Miller then went on to respond in a rather straight-forward manner, sharing his health warning with the TV host.

Eamonn Holmes

He said, "I would say that but I would also say to Eamonn that he is too fat and he is a heart attack waiting to happen."

Then, wary that he'd gone to far, Steve said of Eamonn, "He's about to clonk me for that."

However, it seems presenting star Eamonn was in full agreement, confessing that he wasn't annoyed "because you know I agree with you."

Eamonn Holmes

Model Gemma Cruikshank was also on the show, and disagreed that calling people 'fat' could help their health - explaining that it could be detrimental to their motivation to shed the pounds.

It's not the first time Steve and Eamonn have come face-to-face to discuss the presenter's health issues. On an episode of This Morning last year, Steve issued a similar warning to the star.

He said, "Would I say you're fat? I would say, 'Eamonn, I adore you but you are too fat.'."

In the past, Eamonn has vowed to slim down. However, he has revealed that wife Ruth has never been bothered by his size.

Eamonn Holmes

Speaking to the Mirror, he said, "My weight has never affected our relationship. She’s in love with the inner me...She’s also the cook and headmistress. She enforces the rules."

But it seems his weight has played on his mind in the past, admitting that it's changed how he shops for clothes.

Eamonn confessed, "One of the worst feelings about being overweight is not being able to go into a clothes shop and say, 'I’ll have that.' I love fashion and I haven’t been able to be fashionable for years. It’s a question of what fits as opposed to what you like. I’m looking forward to wearing jeans again."