Airport chaos threatened to ruin Eamonn Holmes’ Good Morning Britain return

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  • Eamonn Holmes made a triumphant return to Good Morning Britain this Monday morning, after an extended break away from his guest hosting duties.

    But it seems that the news presenter almost didn’t make it to his week-long guest stint this morning, after running into a spot of bother on his way back from an Easter break away.

    Live on GMB, Eamonn revealed that he had just returned from a sunny holiday to Tenerife with with Ruth Langsford. But while waiting at Gatwick airport on their return home, the couple encountered a bit of travel trouble.

    Eamonn admitted that his luggage unfortunately failed to make it back to him – meaning he had nothing to wear for this morning’s show.

    He even confessed that he’d been forced to borrow Piers Morgan’s suit for the day – let’s hope he doesn’t mind!

    Eamonn explained to the viewers, “I’m having to wear Piers Morgan’s suit today. I’ve got no clothes.”

    Co-host Kate Garraway joked that she’d noticed something odd about his outfit for the day. She said, “It looks a bit baggy on you, yeah.”

    Eamonn continued, explaining, “I was away over Easter for a few days and when I got back late last night into Gatwick Airport and you stand there, you know when you get a bit annoyed and you say, ‘Where’s my bag?’

    “And then you get a bit more humble and think, ‘Please make it come’, then you pray and then there’s just you and one other person standing there and you say, ‘Has yours not arrived either?'”

    We’ve all been there Eamonn!

    The 58-year-old however confessed that he was in fact glad it was his suitcase that had gone missing – rather than wife Ruth’s.

    He joked, “It could have been worse, it could have been Mrs Holmes’ bag. And then all hell would have kicked off.

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    “She had her seven bags. Someone out there might be doing very well with my Tanga briefs and my medium sized T-shirts and Hawaiian shirts.”

    Oh dear – we’re pleased you made it Eamonn!

    Ruth and Eamonn also joined forces today to present This Morning together for the first time in a few weeks.

    It was a quick turnaround for Eamonn, who hopped straight from the Good Morning Britain studios to This Morning’s studio.

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