Artificial Intelligence Is Quietly Being Worked Into All Dyson Products

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  • They pioneered the first 360-degree robotic vacuum cleaner and more recently a supersonic hairdryer. But Dyson isn’t done yet – far from it. The brand’s latest focus is on IOW, or rather the ‘Internet of Things’ – products that are connected to the web, usually through an app on your mobile phone that collects data about your habits to determine your preferences.

    Early this year Dyson opened a new research facility in Singapore, which they anticipate will secure their place in our future world, where “everything is automatic”.

    Their founder, Sir James Dyson, declared at the facility’s launch event that “almost every product can benefit from AI, lighting, purification, cleaning – everything you see in a room needs artifical intelligence”. He continued, “my view is that you don’t want to be holding a mobile phone and controlling devices through an app. My dream is much rather that everything is automatic, and sets itself for you to your preference,” says Sir James Dyson  

    It’s not the brand’s first foray into soft intelligence, last year they launched the Dyson Pure Cool Link – an air purifier that’s connected to and controlled by an app. However, the British engineering firm are keen to be the first to take this technology to the next level and remove the mobile aspect altogether. 


    Top of their to-do list is home lighting and fan systems. Dyson are working on a products that use face and voice recognition to detect the user and then adjust the temperature and speed to each owners preferred setting. If they are successful, you will be able to walk into a comfortably lit room at the perfect temperature without having to flick a switch or log into an app. And that’s just for starters, who knows which household appliance they will will turn their attention to next? Though it’s worth noting that testing for the Dyson 360 Eye robotic vacuum cleaner began nearly two decades before it actually launched, so it may be a little while yet, before our homes can help us outsmart our partners with the heating!

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