Ruth And Eamonn Confess Tense Holiday Disagreement

Ruth and Eamonn seem to be one of the most solid celebrity couples out there. Despite living and working together, the couple appear to spend a lot of time laughing together, and clearly get on like a house on fire.

But, that doesn’t mean that they’re not prone to the occasional heated disagreement like the rest of us…

The veteran TV couple admitted on This Morning last week that they too have suffered from the odd holiday spat here and there, during the show’s holiday segment.

Speaking about one specific occasion, the couple revealed that their most recent argument arose only the day before, when they were due to board a flight.

Eamonn jokily declared that, “All you’ve got do at the airport is get on a plane, that is the priority,”, much to the hilarity of wife Ruth, who then giggled, suggesting the couple don’t quite agree on the approach…

Ruth bit back, admitting, “You’re no fun.”

Explaining how differently the pair approach the airport experience, she continued, “You’ve got to go and have a drink and look around the shops.”

So what did the couple actually argue about then? Eamonn admitted, “My wife and I yesterday had a rare disagreement. There we were at the airport and I looked up to see the boarding gate for our plane.”

Explain what happened, he continued, “And my wife says, ‘good, I’ll just go to duty free and buy my friend Sam something.” 

Ruth retorted that the pair were in no rush for their flight, exclaiming, “We had ages!”

But Eamonn was firm in his belief that the pair should really be heading to the plane ASAP – so much so that he even went ahead and boarded without her! He said, “And I said, well, you can buy it on your own, I’m off, and that was it!”

Questioning her husband, Ruth however came back to ask Eamonn if her quick last-minute purchase left her in trouble, saying “And did I miss the flight?”. In response, Eamonn admitted that she hadn’t, but that, “You were panicked, I could tell! I was there, seated, with my iPad out, headphones on – you were panicked!”

Ruth calmly disagreed however, saying, “No, I was with friends, we were there, we’d got our shopping, they got presents for their friends, we mooched down to the gate, we were all on time.”

Eamonn was determined to have the last word however, stating “Airports are for airplanes.”

We all love a last minute shop at duty free, but we agree that missing the plane is obviously the worst possible start to a holiday…who do you agree with?

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