Denise Richards defends daughter's OnlyFans account - 'I wish I had the confidence my 18 year old daughter has'

Denise Richards has fans divided as she hits out at critics of her and Charlie Sheen’s daughter opening an OnlyFans account

Denise Richards has defended her daughter's right to open an OnlyFans
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From Wild Things to her controversial time on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, actress Denise Richards knows how to get people talking.

However, it is her 18-year-old daughter, Sami, who has been generating plenty of fierce debate online by opening an OnlyFans account.

Sami, the daughter of Denise and Charlie Sheen, shared in a round of questions on Instagram that she is focusing on body positivity on the platform.

Denise Richards shares her eldest daughter, Sami, with ex Charlie Sheen

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She wrote to fans, "Only thing that matters is making sure you're comfortable with what your posting & remembering that all bodies are beautiful," she explained.

After a fan asked if her parents were aware of her OnlyFans account, Sam replied that her mother was "extremely supportive."

What is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based social media platform where users can sell and purchase original content directly from an individual.

This could be anything from personalized video messages, recipes, makeup and beauty tips, or, in what the site has become perhaps best known for, adult content.

Despite having her famous mom’s support to be on the platform, her dad Charlie (along with a large percentage of the internet) has been quick to judge Sami’s decision to join at such a young age.  

Charlie told E! News he does "not condone" his daughter's decision. "But since I'm unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative, and not sacrifice her integrity."

The Two and a Half Men actor, himself famous for some controversial decisions in the past, added, "She is 18 years old now and living with her mother. This did not occur under my roof."

However, Denise doubled down on supporting her daughter, sharing a lengthy post to her 1.4M Instagram followers.

In the post, Denise wrote, “I wish I had the confidence my 18 yr old daughter has. And I also can’t be judgemental of her choices. I did Wild Things and Playboy, quite frankly her father shouldn’t be either.”

Denise went on to marvel at the confidence the younger generations appear to be showing.

“To be able to ignore the negativity at her age? It took me many years and I still sometimes struggle.”

She ended her post by suggesting there isn’t much difference in sharing some pictures to OnlyFans than posting a bikini shot on Instagram or Twitter.  

“I’m sorry but… if I can get paid and at my age? To see me in a bikini?! God bless you. Perhaps I should open my own account…”

Many rushed to the comments to praise Denise for supporting her daughter.

One wrote, “The point is she’s 18, whether you like it or not you can’t control her… She’ll be ok.” Another added, “I love a supportive parent! You tell ‘em queen.”

One summed it up succinctly, stating “Her body, her choice.”

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