Dead to Me season 2 recap: what happened last season in the Netflix comedy-drama?

Dead to Me Season 3 has dropped but what exactly took place in the previous season? Here is a quick recap of Dead to Me season 2

Dead To Me season 2 recap
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Dead to Me Season 3 has just dropped and fans are excited to see how the cliffhangers from the second season will be explained in this final season.

The final season of Netflix's comedy-drama show, Dead to Me, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini has just been released. 

This third season marks the end of the hugely successful Netflix series and fans cannot wait to see what will happen to their favorite characters. But what can we expect from this latest season, and since the second season was released in 2020, what even happened in the last season? Here's a quick Dead to Me season 2 recap, plus a spoiler-free suggestion about what can be expected from season 3.

Dead to Me

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Dead to Me Season 2 recap

Dead to Me season 2 began with the death of Judy's husband Steve. It was later revealed that Jen killed him after he antagonized her and said that her cheating husband wanted to die and jumped in front of his car because he hated her so much. After murdering Steve, Jen and Judy then kept his body in a freezer and later buried him in the forest. Steve's body was then found by a dog and a dog walker during the last episode.

In season 2, Jen began a romantic relationship with Steve's identical twin brother, Ben (also played by James Marsden). This obviously has complications (seeing as Jen killed his twin) after she worked as his real estate agent and then slept with him, Jen calls things off. 

Dead To Me

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Judy began dating a woman named Michelle, and it was later revealed that Michelle's ex (who she still lives with is) Detective Ana Perez, who is investigating Steve's disappearance and Ted's death. 

Jen confesses to killing Steve to Detective Perez and takes her to the forest to show her the body. When the pair fail to find the body and bond over the fact they both lost their mothers when they were young, Perez says she will not report her. Perez helps Judy get her paintings back at long last, and Judy smashes them, revealing stacks of cash hidden in the canvas.

The season ends with Judy and Jen picking up Charlie's brand-new car and driving it home. On the way, they see the stop sign that Jen managed to get the council to put up. They then begin to drive across the junction when they are hit by a speeding car. The driver of the speeding vehicle is Ben, who leaves the scene quickly as he is drunk. The season ends with a shot of Jen and Judy in the car, injured but alive.

Dead to Me

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Dead to Me Season 3, what to expect?

Season 2 left things on a bit of a cliffhanger and fans are wondering what this means for Jen and Judy in season 3. Here is what you can expect from the season, but without any spoilers!

The trailer for Dead To Me season 3 is fairly cryptic but it shows that Jen and Judy do in fact survive the crash, but end up in the hospital. The trailer also shows Judy and Jen burning the murder weapon from the previous season, shooting guns, and causing their usual havoc. There are also scenes of sex, violence, and hilarious lines from the two lead characters.

Netflix describes the final season as follows, "Jen and Judy return for the third and final season. In the aftermath of yet another hit and run, both women receive shocking news, and are ready to risk their lives for a friendship that's above the law."

The entirety of Dead To Me season 3 was released in full in the UK and US on November 17 at 8am GMT.

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