Dawn French + Kids TV Talent Show = Our New Fave Guilty Pleasure

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  • Everyone is talking about the adorable contestants at the forefront of Dawn French’s brand new show, Little Big Shots. It’s the newest programme to hit the airwaves of ITV, which shows children showing off their very best talents – and we’re loving how cute the young stars are.

    Described as Britain’s Got Talent for kids, Dawn heads up this new show, which sees its young contestants perform all sorts in order to impress her and the audience. From dancing to karate, it’s a real mix, and it’s a great bit of light-hearted fun for a Wednesday night on the sofa.

    So what is this new TV show all about? And what was the very first episode like? Here are 5 things we loved about it:

    1. Episode one featured a hilarious moment with one young boy

    Balang is a seven-year-old dancer from the Philippines who left Dawn French in stitches when he made his appearance on the show’s first episode. Balang first rose to fame a year ago, when his parents uploaded a video to Youtube of the young star dancing – which now has over 29 million views. Balang strutted his stuff on the show, dancing to two Beyonce hits, Single Ladies and Crazy in Love. However, Dawn decided to opt out of joining him, after Balang sunk down into the splits whilst chatting to her!

    2. It’s not a competition

    Dawn admitted just how excited she was to be doing such a fun show. She said, “It’s a show where I get to hang out with incredible children from all over the world.” But she also said that the kids needn’t worry about being judged in the same harsh way as shows like The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. She said, “It’s not a competition, there are no prizes, no judges – just some of the funniest and most talented children you’ll ever meet.”

    3. The first episode saw a huge range of talent

    There was a nine-year-old Kung Fu champion, a piano maestro who name-dropped Frank Sinatra and a ball-room dancing sibling duo – and that’s only the first episode!

    4. One contestant in particular stood out on the first show

    10-year-old Angelica Jordan from Norway was definitely one of the most remarkable performers on the first episode. She sang a rendition of ‘What A Difference A Day Makes’, by Dinah Washington, and received a huge round of applause when she was finished.

    5. The concept for the series originally came from an American show

    US TV Channel NBC first put together the concept of the show along with co-producers Ellen Degeneres and Steve Harvey. Harvey hosted the show, which began back in 2016 and will continue in March 2017 alongside Dawn’s UK version of the programme.

    Watch Little Big Shots on ITV, Wednesday nights at 8pm.

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