Dawn French reveals she’s gone back to work but says it’s ‘weird’ amid coronavirus

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Dawn French returned to work today, but she found the experience "weird" given the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

After two months of self-isolation due to lockdown, Dawn, 62, revealed she finally left the house to return to some sort of normality.

Alongside a selfie of her recording in a booth, Dawn wrote, "First day out of house & back at nearly normal work.

Weird. Hairy humans everywhere. Ta @freshairstudios."

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It looks like Dawn travelled from Cornwall to Plymouth - where the studio is based - to voice something special.

Given how much Dawn dislikes London, it's no surprise she opted for a more local option for her first day back at work.

After years of gruelling TV schedules filming The Vicar of Dibley and French and Saunders, Dawn’s priorities have changed in life and the comedy actress now craves the “quiet” life in Cornwall.

“I find quiet there. I have been noisy all my life and loved it but essentially I am a quiet person,” she admitted. “I’ve gone back to where my family are. The sense of my mum is there and that is home for me.”

Citing her reasons behind the decision to leave London in 2006, she told Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast she found city life "overwhelming".

Dawn explained, “My problem with being in busy places... I find that I get quite upset by constantly seeing difficult things,” she said. “So I've been a bit cowardly in a way because I find it... when I go to London and I see, I look at people's faces and I think, 'Oh, she's cold. Oh that person hasn't got anywhere to go tonight. Oh God, they're dealing with something, oh God, he looks like he's off his face, oh dear’.

“And my insides are just upset all the time.”

There always seemed too much to do in London for Dawn. “I find the clutter of it overwhelming. I think I'm not meant for a city... that isn't the real me. The real me is quiet.”

Whereas in Cornwall, Dawn feels calm. “There is, without a doubt, beauty here. I can do nothing but connect with that.

“It makes me calm, it makes me happier and it sort of enthuses my mind with better ways of thinking."

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