‘I Had Morbid Thoughts’: Davina McCall Opens Up About Her Struggle After Childbirth

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  • The presenter is now a confident mother of three, but live on This Morning, she shared that it wasn't always that way.

    Proud mother to Tilly, 14, Holly, 16, and Chester 11, Davina likely has the whole parenting thing down pat by now.

    But during a chat about postpartum depression on the ITV show, she shared that the experience of new motherhood left her feeling terrified that something bad would happen.

    Speaking to businesswomen and parenting expert Siobhan Freegard and mum-blogger Jem Armistead, Davina recalled the ‘morbid thoughts’ she had in 2002, when she gave birth to Holly.

    She confessed, “After I had a baby, and particularly with my first, [I had] morbid thoughts.”

    Davina went on to admit that she even had a fear that her whole family were going to die in a car crash.

    “I thought, if I go through here, and car comes here, we’re all going to die.

    The 50-year-old even confessed that she never considered the possibility of postpartum depression, believing her thoughts were unrelated.

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    “I used to have that all the time. I just thought it was normal,” she explained.

    Businesswoman Siobhan, who founded Netmums, then praised Davina for normalising her feelings. She said, “That’s great that you thought that. Well done for accepting it.”

    Davina continued with the discussion, asking, “When is it not normal, and how do we know?”

    Mum blogger Jem, who herself has experienced post-natal depression, revealed that often, thoughts can spiral out of control.

    She said, “I think, when it gets to a point that you don’t want to do anything. And you think you’re going to harm your baby just by going out with them because you’re going to get run over, that’s not a normal thought.

    “You should be able to walk down the street with your baby and not think a car is going to crash into you.”

    Siobhan also advised any women suffering after giving birth to visit their GP, to get help with how they’re feeling.

    Mental health charity Mind can provide support if you feel you are struggling with your thoughts after giving birth.

    Visit the website here for support.

    Equally, if you are struggling with your mental health after having a baby, you can visit your GP for help and advice.

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