Danielle Fishel reflects on 'Boy Meets World'

Topanga from 'Boy Meets World' has opened up about her time on the ‘90s sitcom

Danielle Fishel
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Danielle Fischel has recently opened up about her experience playing Topanga in the 90’s classic  TV show ‘Boy Meets World.’

In an interview with E! News, Danielle Fischel spoke about playing Topanga Lawrence in 'Boy Meets World' and her friendship with Ben Savage who played her love interest, Cory Matthews. The show aired for seven seasons from 1993 to 2000 and still has legions of fans hoping for a reboot. 

The co-stars became very close while shooting the series and are still friends to this day, although Danielle revealed that they don’t see each other as much these as they used to. "It is one of those relationships that you have to ride the wave. Sometimes we are regularly in touch, sometimes we have not been so in touch. But, the one thing that has always remained constant is that whenever we see each other, it's like no time has passed," said Danielle.

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Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage

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Danielle revealed that she wasn’t the first choice to play Topanga and that her role was nearly cut from the show. "They hired somebody else for it and then they ended up letting that person go halfway through the week and I replaced her," said Danielle. "It was only supposed to be one episode, maybe two episodes, and then it became doing many more episodes than that and then I was eventually a series regular." 

Although 'Boy Meets World' finished over 20 years ago, the show is still available on streaming platforms and is still being watched today. Danielle and Cory also both featured in the spin-off show 'Girl Meets World' which ran from 2015 to 2017 on Disney Channel. Danielle revealed that she was shocked by 'Boy Meets World's' long-term success.

She said, “The fact that after it went off the air it just became more successful and resonated with so many more people and that it continues to resonate with so many people today, I never in a million years could have predicted such a thing." 

Danielle suggested that the show’s popularity could be due to the positive and timeless messages the show conveys. She stated, "I think my favorite lesson from 'Boy Meets World' was, overall, that you don't have to be blood to be family.” She revealed that this message was one that she agrees with, “you can choose the people you consider to be family. You don't have to share blood."

Danielle recently reunited with Ben Savage, for a Valentine’s Day-themed Panera Bread commercial. In the advert, the two actors are reunited by their love of pepperoni pizza flatbreads and re-enact various iconic scenes from romantic comedies.

Fans love seeing the stars back together and have reacted very positively to the commercial. One fan commented, "Cory and Topanga! Can’t count how many times I replayed this." Another agreed and wrote, "Corey and Topanga forever! I love Boy Meets World!"

Danielle spoke about her excitement at filming the commercial with her former co-star and long time friend. She said, "Ben and I obviously have so much shared history, and a lot of fun when we are on set together, and so, the idea of being able to recreate other rom-com couples and some of their iconic moments, I already knew it was going be one of those days where the laughs were kind of nonstop,"

Although Cory and Topanga didn’t end up together in real life, the two stars obviously share a lot of love for one another. Danielle spoke about their relationship and compared it to a marriage, “For better or worse, this person is forever in my life. Good and bad, thick and thin, we are together forever."

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