Courteney Cox has a telling reaction to Jennifer Aniston’s favorite Friends guest star

Jennifer Aniston's favorite guest star shocks Courteney Cox as fans say, “Your best friend will always hate your ex more than you!”

Jennifer Aniston
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The leading ladies of Friends recently revealed who they believed were the best celebrity guest stars of the hit series Friends and Courtney Cox had a hilarious reaction to Jennifer Aniston’s answer. 

In an interview with Access, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow were interviewed about the upcoming Friends reunion and what you can expect from ‘The One Where They Got Back Together’. During this interview, the cast members revealed who they thought the best guest stars were on Friends and Courteney had a very telling reaction when Jeniffer mentioned “Mr. Pitt.”

While listing off names of their legendary guest stars which includes the likes of Sean Penn to Tom Selleck, Jennifer Aniston mentioned her ex-husband Brad Pitt. In a season 8 episode, "The One with the Rumor," Brad starred as Will Colbert, a high school friend of Ross’s who despises Rachel. It was this cameo that Jennifer mentioned as she listed off former Friends’ guest stars. 

When Jennifer mentioned "Mr. Pitt" many fans noticed as Courteney looked blank and just said "yep" as Jennifer labeled his performance "fantastic". One fan noticed Courteney's reaction and commented, “Courteney’s face when Jennifer Aniston said Brad Pitt. Your best friend will always hate your ex more than you!”

Judi James, a body language expert, revealed that Courteney wore a 'poker face' when reacting to this comment. 

She states, "I’m not sure Courteney doesn’t see this problem coming as her body language responses are more reserved throughout all the answers but when close friend Jen says ‘Mr. Pitt’ she looks at her with a poker face as though not sure how to evaluate her emotions and nods before looking back quickly with the same deadpan."

She also revealed that Lisa Kudrow had a similar reaction that showed she wanted t to move the conversation forward rather than dwell on Brad's performance.

Judi says, "Lisa is sitting further away and the distance seems to allow her to apply some enthusiasm to her response although, following all the extended enthusiasm when other names have been mentioned, this looks very much like a ‘moving straight on’ moment."

Another fan joked that Jennifer Aniston mentioned Brad Pitt after listing many other guest stars. The fan said, "Jen remembered all of them, not just Mr. Pitt!"

Judi revealed that this may have been because Jennifer was trying to disguise her reaction when talking about her ex, Brad Pitt.

Judi states, “I’m guessing Brad won’t be too exhilarated by the way his ex-wife calls him out as one of her favorite guests on Friends. He is around eleventh on her list and if we compare the gestures of enthusiasm and the rituals of remembered affection and excitement that Jennifer displays for each of the guest celebrities as they are called off, her nose-rub ritual as she briefly mutters ‘Mr. Pitt’, followed by a rather anxious fiddling with her jewelry looks like a desire to hide or mask her facial expression at that moment.”

She goes on to say that this reaction shows that Brad Pitt is not on Jennifer’s radar right now as she had to 'dig deep' to recall his name. 

“Of course this could be some kind of denial ritual to hide deeply affectionate emotions from her fans but the huge pauses that she used to have to dig deep to recall any names and the way she only appeared to have got to him after all the others, suggests he might not be uppermost in her mind right now,” she says.

The Friends Reunion is scheduled to take place on 27th May on HBO Max—and we cannot wait to tune in! 

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