All Of The Christmas Adverts 2017 You Need To See

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  • You truly know that the festive season is upon us when retailers across the nation start bringing out their much-awaited Christmas adverts.

    Nowadays, they’ve become as much of a staple of the run-up the big day as purchasing your presents, attending the office party, or putting up your Christmas decorations.

    And they’re certainly not your standard adverts. The scale and production of many of them can be likened to that of a feature-length film – and it’s been revealed that they usually require extensive planning meetings, as one of the most important adverts of the whole year.

    And the Christmas adverts for this year have already started! Most retailers, brands and channels have now debuted their fabulously festive creations. But be warned, some may require a tissue at the ready…

    We present to you the Christmas adverts 2017….

    Age UK Christmas advert 2017

    Perhaps the most heartbreaking Christmas advert of them all. Age UK’s Christmas ad portrays the heartbreaking reality of one of the most pressing problems of the festive season – loneliness in older people.

    The emotional, one minute clip shows an older man John, going about his daily routine. But the sad fact of his everyday life is his loneliness, shown as he looks on at his next door neighbours, enjoying family life with their young children.

    Eventually, John reaches Christmas, and starts the day ready for his normal, daily routine. However, the heartwrenching reality of his situation hits home when he gets to the shops only to find they’re closed – and it’s Christmas Day. 

    The advert reminds viewers of the huge importance of giving your time to the elderly all year round – but especially at this time of year.

    If you want to donate to Age UK to help them beat loneliness across the UK, go to Age UK now to donate.

    BBC One Christmas advert 2017

    BBC One’s Christmas advert broke hearts around the nation with its emotional portrayal of an adorable father-daughter relationship.

    The ad opens with a scene many of us will relate to, as the Dad tries to keep up with his daughter’s passion for dancing, whilst struggling with the many demands on our time that modern life inevitably brings.

    His excited daughter continues to dance wherever the pair are – even if they’re on the side of the road getting their car fixed. But one day, she seems to lose her patience with her Dad’s inability to properly focus on her dancing. Realising his error, her father makes the decision to focus on his daughter, turning up at her Christmas talent show – to an utterly adorable result…

    Fans have praised the ad over on social media, with many admitting that it left them with a tear in their eyes…



    Argos Christmas advert 2017

    Argos were among the first to debut their ad, (on the 3rd November, no less!). It shows Santa’s elves working eagerly away in the workshop, until one realises that a present has been left behind. The present is valiantly returned – and all is well at Christmas once again.

    Waitrose Christmas advert 2017

    What sums up Christmas more than being together with your friends and family? Waitrose’s festive offering is a lesson on the community spirit of the season.

    The advert takes us to a real-life Yorkshire pub, the highest pub in the UK! And with roaring, crackling fires, drinks, and fairy lights, what more could you want at Christmas? Tired wanderers continue to gather in the pub to hide from the icy cold and snow…

    That is, until they all get locked in.

    But when the electricity goes out, they all band together to cook one of the most impressive Christmas lunches you’ve ever seen.

    And the guest’s generosity is definitely tested when two more frozen men come through the door to save them, only to glace enviously at the elaborate feast in front of them…

    John Lewis Christmas advert 2017

    Perhaps the most popular of all the festive ads. The John Lewis Christmas ad is almost as a big a deal as Christmas day itself, with many fans awaiting its premiere eagerly. In fact, last year’s was so popular that it’s now received over 25 million views!

    And now, John Lewis’ Christmas ad has finally arrived! The 2-minute clip launched on 10th November, to an eagerly awaiting public.

    The ad tells the tale of young Joe, and his monster friend, Moz. Moz and Joe play together all the time, but since Moz only comes out when the lights are out, Joe is struggling to get some rest.

    When Moz realises his little buddy is struggling, he gets him the gift of a night light. But sadly, the night-like also extinguishes Moz…

    We’ll leave you to see how the advert ends – but be warned, you may get a little teary-eyed…

    Before the advert dropped, eagle-eyed fans spotted a suspicious Twitter account, @UnderTheBed2017. There was no information on the page, except for a four-second video of a pair of eyes hidden, presumably, under a dark bed, alongside the hashtag #UnderTheBed2017.


    And now we know that it was Moz all along – just waiting to be unveiled!

    Marks & Spencer Christmas advert 2017

    M&S have already released their advert for this year – and it is utterly adorable. The Marks & Spencer Christmas ad is always a nation favourite, with their Mrs Claus video receiving over 8 million views last year.

    But this year, the two minute-ad features everyone’s favourite bear, Paddington – and yet again, he’s here to save the day.

    The festive displays kicks off showing Paddington snuggled up in bed, until he’s awoken by the sounds of someone falling over on the roof outside of his window. Could it be Santa?

    It quickly becomes clear that the man isn’t in fact that real deal, and is up to something far less festive – nabbing all of the families Christmas presents for himself.

    It’s not clear whether or not Paddington is aware of his true intentions, but he sweeps him off none the less, to re-deliver all the Christmas presents he has (knowingly or unknowingly to Paddington) stolen. 

    The pair then go around spreading festive cheer and returning to gifts to their rightful homes. And the thief is quietly reminded of the true spirit of Christmas…

    Take a look for yourself – we defy you not to get teary-eyed…

    Aldi Christmas advert 2017

    Picking up on the story of Kevin the Carrot, Aldi’s 2017 offering is as charming as it is festive.

    The Aldi add shows Kevin makin his way across the hairy Christmas dinner table, in his mission to finally be united with his carrot lady-friend.

    Standing in his way are peas, potatoes, and all sorts of hazardous cutlery.

    So does he make it to his one true love? Watch and find out…

    Sainsburys Christmas advert 2017

    Sainsburys have produced
    some of the cutest Christmas ads in recent years – anyone remember
    Moggy, the adorable cat who couldn’t stop causing trouble?!

    And now the retailer has finally released their new 2017 ad, as one of the last to do so.

    Sainsbury’s have chosen a catchy song to set their festive advert to, alongside people from across the nation singing along about all the little bits that make up Christmas.

    One line goes, “Best time for showing off terrible jumpers, no one does roasties in goose fat like mum does!”.

    The ad goes on to sum up everything that tells us its Christmas, from charades, terrible cheesy TV, to brussel sprouts and the Queen’s speech.

    It also features a special guest appearance from Kermit the frog! Because, why not?

    Watch it here – we defy you not to sing along…*every bit of this…*

    So hand’s up – who else is feeling super Christmassy now? Only a few weeks to go until the big day…

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