Chris Evans makes emotional return to Radio 2 as he reveals his late mother left him a final letter

Chris Evans returned today (Friday) to present his morning radio show, after leaving the programme suddenly yesterday after learning of the death of his mother.

Chris learnt of the devastating news of his mother Minnie's passing just minutes before going on air. But in a statement, he told fans that he would be back today, to present his show as normal.

But it was of course an emotional return to work for the 52-year-old, who continued to pay tribute to his beloved mother.

However, there was one part of Chris's sweet homage to mother Minnie that left his listeners feeling emotional too. He revealed that she had left him a poignant final letter, for him to read after she had passed away.

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Chris told listeners, “My sister phones me up and she says you’ll never guess what I’ve just found. She’s left us a letter.

“She left it with her birth certificate because she knew we would have to go to her birth certificate to register her death.”

However, Chris Evans did not reveal the contents of the letter, simply finishing, “She left us a letter. I’ll leave it there.”

During the show, Chris went on to thank fans for their support following the heartbreaking news. He said, "Thank you to the team for such wonderful support yesterday and thank you to you guys.

"It's not the loss that gets you, it's the love following the loss that gets you. So much love for a lady you never met."

Chris also addressed the fact that he was back at work so quickly after the loss of his mother, reassuring fans that it's what she would have wanted. He said, "We are back, as Mum would have insisted we should be."

He also revealed that despite the heartbreak of losing his mum, knowing that she is no longer suffering has made the loss far easier to deal with.

Chris explained, "I'm sounding quite chipper today but I'm just so happy my Mum's at peace.

"My mum was only supposed to last a month or two, but five months after this, seven months in all, she was still there. All the carers, all the district nurses, have just been absolutely fantastic. But no more fantastic than you guys. You're all gorgeous."

"My brother-in-law Tom said 'In the end, maybe she was too tough for her own good'. Which I thought was a lovely way of putting it."

It's not yet clear if his mother was suffering from an illness - or which one.

Fans were quick to braise Chris' bravery after he made his return to work, while many also shared that the revelation that his mum had left him a letter had left them in tears.

One listener wrote on Twitter, '@achrisevans just took my breath away, he's told the story about his mam leaving them a letter. Oh wow. She was amazing and so is he! #chrisevans #radio2'.

While another said, 'Gosh, @BBCRadio2 Chris Evans so brave 2 be back at work after passing of his dear old mum. Story bout mum leaving letter with birth certificate got 2 us all @achrisevans. She’d love the tributes & proud of you. ❤'

We're send Chris and his family our thoughts at this difficult time.

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