Celine Dion Says She Will Grieve For Her Husband "for the rest of her life"

celine dion
celine dion
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Singer Celine Dion has spoken about life without her late husband and how she expects to grieve for the rest of her life.

Celine was married to Rene Angelil for 21 years. He closely managed her career which places Celine as the second highest-selling female artist of all time, selling 250 million records (if you're wondering, Madonna holds the top slot).

Rene died of throat cancer aged 73 last year. However, in an interview with The Sun Celine said her late husband prepared her for life since she was 12 and that he is still with her. Celine said: "I will probably grieve for the rest of my life".

She added: "I have never met another man in my life, never kissed another man in my life. I miss him a lot. I miss him a lot - for my partner, for the man I was embracing, kissing, making love with. My worries, my dreams..."

Celine insists that it is too early to even consider dating again. She said: "Now it is definitely too soon for me. I am definitely in love with him [Rene], married to him. He's the love of my life. It's very difficult for me to see myself with another person. The love that I have for him, I live it every day. And as a woman, we do have emotions and feelings that come and go. And it's always with him."

Although Celine is devastated by her loss but she is determined to stay strong. The couple have three children together, eldest son Rene-Charles Angelil, aged 16, and twin boys Eddy and Nelson Angelil aged six.

Celine said she asked Rene for advice when considering whether to make a new song for Disney's remake of Beauty And The Beast. Celine recalled: "I went and found one of the paintings that one of the fans gave me of my husband and I said, ‘Should I do this? And the answer I got back - I don't want that to sound like ghostly or anything like that - but emotionally what I got back from that was, ‘You have nothing to lose'."

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