Can the spirit of the Olympic and Paralympic Games endure? … Today’s Debate

Monday mornings are rarely the most upbeat time of the week, but today everyone is beaming with pride following last night’s fabulous Paralympics closing ceremony in London.
What a spectacle for the world, and a truly fitting finale to what has been the greatest show on earth this summer. Needless to say everyone has done themselves proud – from the athletes who wowed us with their incredible feats of sporting achievement to the officials and volunteers who made the Games go so smoothly and the great British public who embraced the Games so whole-heartedly.
The Olympic athletes exceeded our expectations, though arguably it’s the Paralympians who have completely changed the way we think about human potential and endeavour.
As they all return to their training camps, perhaps we should be turning our thoughts to those who are facing disability on a day-to-day basis, including the hundreds of British soldiers who have suffered combat injuries and are in need of support and encouragement – just like the athletes have done over the past few weeks.
The summer of sport may have ended, so now the challenge is for Britons to keep positivity and support flowing through our communities?
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