Research reveals the exact time we start finding our relatives annoying at Christmas

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brits find relatives annoying boxing day
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New research has pinpointed the exact time we start finding our relatives annoying at Christmas.

After all the excitement of Christmas Day - the presents, the food and time spent with loved ones - the mood will start to sour at 2.13pm on Boxing Day as families begin to grate on one another.

Disagreements over board games, what to watch on TV and politics are among the most common niggles.

Other tensions included having to share a room at night, being asked to look after other family members’ kids and being the only single person in the family.

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In fact, the research of 600 adults by found 26 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 have been nagged about being unattached.

And a quarter of younger adults have also faced criticism for not being good with money (25 per cent) and not having a better job (25 per cent).

Emma Tagg of said, “With Grandma giving you the ‘why are you still single?’ side eye, your constant 'availability' for babysitting and the ongoing questions about your lack of savings, festive family gatherings can all get a bit much.”

brits find relatives annoying boxing day

Other struggles at Christmas include being surrounded by ‘perfect’ couples, enduring public displays of affection and having to entertain noisy kids rather than take it easy.

Four in 10 of all those polled admit they tend to get to a point when they can’t bear to spend any more time with their family.

Sadly, one in 10 admit they only stay with their family at Christmas because they have nowhere else to go, while a fifth said the alternative of having to stay in a hotel would be too expensive.

Is your most common family argument on the list? These are the most common tensions at Christmas:

  • Criticism for being single
  • Not 'adulting' adequately
  • Stress of preparing the Christmas meal
  • Unpopular Christmas presents
  • Falling out over board games
  • Political views
  • Being hungover on Christmas day
  • Not helping around the house enough over Christmas
  • Looking after the siblings'/other family member's children
  • Disagreements over what to watch on TV
  • Not spending enough time with your family
  • Having to share a room overnight with another family member

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