Britney Spears at risk of being ‘re-traumatized if ‘revenge deposition’ goes ahead, says lawyer

The legal team of Britney Spears' father, Jamie, have requested to grill the US singer following the court order for their client to be deposed

Britney Spears at risk of being ‘re-traumatized'
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Britney Spears could face being 're-traumatized' by her father's request to have her deposed, her lawyer has warned. 

The US popstar may be called to testify about her conservatorship at the end of the month – an experience that could have devastating effects on her mental wellbeing. 

Britney was freed from the controversial legal arrangement last November, ending nearly 14 years of living under the strict control of her father. 

On Wednesday, a judge ruled that Jamie Spears, who stepped down as the Grammy-winner's conservator in August 2021, must attend a deposition in Los Angeles related to his alleged wrongdoings in managing his daughter's financial and personal affairs. Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has argued that there is 'credible evidence' to suggest that the 70-year-old committed 'misconduct' and used surveillance technology to monitor the Toxic singer during the conservatorship. 

Jamie has now been ordered to produce all 'documents and communications' sought by the 40-year-old related to this alleged bugging in time for the deposition, which must take place no later than August 12.  

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The US musician's latest legal triumph has been somewhat overshadowed, however, by the possibility that she too could be deposed at the request of her father's lawyers. Judge Brenda Penny tentatively denied permission for Britney to be deposed but said she will make her final decision on July 27 after reviewing more briefing. 

Britney's lawyer has condemned Jamie Spears for expecting his daughter to take part in a 'revenge deposition', insisting that exposure to allegations of bugging – of which she has no 'firsthand' knowledge – could lead to her becoming 're-traumatized'. 

“I know they’re concerned about Instagram posts and a book that she’s writing –but you don’t get to depose somebody [for that],” Rosengart said in court. “You don’t sit down a victim for a deposition to be deposed by the victimizer. You don’t do that. You don’t do that as a matter of morality. You don’t do that as a matter of equity.

"Mr. Spears is not the victim here," Rosengart said. "He started this fight, but my client wants to move on."

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