Grown Up Inspiring Blogs You Need To Start Following

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  • How do you find a needle in a haystack? Finding the right blog for you can be a challenge when you’re looking for inspiration in a digital world, inundated with voices. According to Google, there are approximately 152 million blogs at any given time, which – let’s face it – is a lot of dried grass to rummage through in the hope of hitting the jackpot.

    Which is why we’re here to help, hand-selecting the bloggers we consider to be the most illuminating. From the stylish 40+ women who are taking the fashion blogosphere by storm; to recipes focusing on real food, in the real world; and the historians who are rescuing women’s unique stories from history. We’ve left no stone unturned in the quest to find the most innovative female bloggers who have a unique take on the topics we love.

    If you like fashion, why not try…

    Not Dressed As Lamb

    ‘Who wants to be “age appropriate”, anyway?’ is this blogger’s tagline – and we love it. Catherine Summers started her blog as a way to document her style in her forties, but it soon blossomed into a full-time career when thousands of women flocked to read Summers’ take on style, health, beauty and fitness. ‘While I’ve been “waving the fashion flag for 40-somethings”, the blog has grown into one of the leading over 40 style blogs in the UK and worldwide,’ Summers says on her website.

    That’s Not My Age

    Subtitled ‘the grownup guide to great style’, That’s Not My Age was set up in 2008 by former fashion editor Alyson Walsh, after she noticed there was a space online to celebrate women (and men) of any age. As Walsh says on her website, she strongly believes ‘that you don’t have to have youth to have style.’ Eight years later, the blog not only dishes out style tips – it advises on beauty (such as where to find the best menopausal moisturisers) and encourages women of all ages to embrace whatever lifestyle appeals to them (disco dancing, anyone?)

    If you like cooking, why not try…

    Black Girl Chef’s Whites

    Cheryl D Lee promises ‘recipes for the real world’ on her blog, and she certainly delivers. From swiss chard fries to chorizo stuffed shrimp, Lee’s love of food makes her blog a truly sensory experience. ‘Curious about the title of my blog?’ she asks. ‘In many of the professional kitchens I worked in I was THE black girl in chef’s whites, among a lot of white and Latino men in chef’s whites. Makes sense now, doesn’t it?’

    If you like politics, why not try…

    Cathy Newman via Channel 4 News Blog

    The political blogosphere may be dominated by the male narrative, but despite this, Cathy Newman’s insight shines through. Spending over a decade in Fleet Street, Newman joined the Channel 4 News crew in 2006 and regularly writes for Telegraph Women. For extra insight away from Newman’s on-screen presenting, head here to read her thoughts on topics as diverse as Brexit, alt-right misogyny, domestic abuse and sexism in Westminster.

    If you like history, why not try…

    The History Girls

    Who are The History Girls? Well, according to the girls themselves, they are a group of best-selling writers of historical fiction and non-fiction. What’s more, they love what they do and they want to talk about it. ‘Individual, entertaining, sometimes provocative,’ they promise. ‘On this daily blog we’ll share our thoughts on writing, research, reviews, and all aspects of our work.’

    If you like crafts, why not try…

    Kirstie Allsopp
    The Queen of crafting, Kirstie Allsopp’s website is actually a great source of interiors inspiration. ‘One of the utter joys of craft is showing off the things you’ve made that you’re proud of,’ she writes. Allsopp’s website is the perfect home to do just that.

    If you like travel, why not try…

    Wandering Carol

    If you’re pining for travel inspiration for 2017, look no further. But, who exactly is Wandering Carol? Carol Perehudoff may not be ‘the world’s best traveller’ (her words, not ours) but she certainly considers herself to be the most enthusiastic luxury travel blogger around – and who are we to argue? From mountains to hot springs, and Murano glass shopping in Venice, dipping our toes into Carol’s blog has given us some great travel ideas and tips.

    If you like a bit of everything, why not try…

    Liberty London Girl

    From fashion to travel to food – the LLG blog is both the original, and the best, when it comes to informed lifestyle blogging. Sasha Wilkins founded her Liberty London Girl empire in 2006, initially blogging anonymously for three years until she officially outed herself in 2010. In Wilkins’ own words ‘ covers subjects as diverse as architecture, motoring, food, beauty, travel, fashion and philanthropy.’ It really does offer something for everyone.

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