These 10 Adorable Baby Animals Are Too Cute For Words

Here at woman&home, whenever we’re feeling down our first response is to look at pictures of adorable baby animals. There’s something about them – their fluffiness, their wide little eyes, and their innocence – that just puts a smile on our faces. 

So if you’re having a bad day, or you just love little animals as much as we do, then take a look at these babies that are so cute, they’ll make you squeal!

This Lynx kitten is sleeping in a tree in Langedrag Nature Park, Norway. (CREDIT: Cecilie Sonsteby/REX Shutterstock)

This is the first joey born from an orphaned yellow-bellied gilder in Toronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia. He is four months old and has just left his mother’s pouch.

Meet Wanju (which means ‘Teddy’ in Mandarin), the red panda cub, as it takes its first steps out of its nest box at Flamingo Land, Malton, Britain.

This one week old baby elephant, Nandita Hi Way, has its first encounter with mud in Chester Zoo, Britain. (CREDIT: Chester Zoo/REX Shutterstock)

This orphan wallaby named Wilbur is being cared for afte

r his mother was killed by a car in Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia.

Baby gorilla Indigo can’t help but make friends with a duck who waddled into his enclosure in Durrell Wildlife Park, Jersey. 

This coastal brown bear cub sticks its tongue out for the camera in Silver Salmon Creek, Alaska. (CREDIT: Christine Haines/REX Shutterstock)

Dingoes are under severe threat, but these white dingo puppies are being cared for at the Dingo Discovery Sanctuary and Research Centre in Australia, where they’re hanging out in some buckets.

This adorable Siberian tiger cub goes for a wander at Olomouc Zoo, Czech Republic.

This rare white-faced whitetail deer fawn has been disowned by its mother, but is being cared for in Cedar Springs, Michigan. (CREDIT: Deer Tracks/REX Shutterstock)