Anne Robinson Openly Discusses Sex In Her 70s, And Joining Tinder...

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Former host of The Weakest Link Anne Robinson has spoken up about sex in later life, after revealing that she's recently joined popular dating appTinder.

Speaking on a recent BBC documentary, Britain's Relationship Secrets, 72-year-old Anne spoke candidly aboout her own relationships, defiant that her age won't stop her from staying active in the bedroom.

She said, "I hope all women my age are having sex, why wouldn't they be? It's what keeps me young."

But twice-divorced Anne admitted that she doesn't currently have a partner to turn to, saying, "I don't have a partner at the moment, I've had two husbands and they're lovely. I'm a committee of one."

On the programme, the TV host was also introduced to Tinder, which has become the biggest dating app in the country over recent years.

While the app is popular mostly among young people, Anne got stuck in, signing up and then swiping through the list of potential candidates.

And the famously sharp-tounged Anne certainly didn't hold back in voicing her opinions on any potential men whilst purusing through the app!

(Anne on The Weakest Link in 2000)

First up was a man, who, in his photo was holding up a beer. Anne was firm in her resolution to say no to him, saying, "I don't drink, so no to him."

She also revealed that with her next man, she wouldn't be settling for anything less than a large salary and a comfortable lifestyle, dismissing one man based on his arguably unstable profession. Speaking to the camera, she said, "This is Gary who's a freelance actor, I don't think that would bring in a big income."

But one man with presumably a much higher income did catch her eye - "Quick, I want to go back to the 60-year-old who's got a job in banking."

Having been married twice before, Anne is clearly determined not to repeat any of the mistakes of her past. She was married to Charlie Wilson for around five years from 1968, before divorcing in 1973. And the presenter was then in a long-term relationship with John Penrose from 1980, before divorcing in 2007 after 27 years together.

Good for you Anne, we say!

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