Andrea McLean opens up about gruelling 'gut cleanse' with husband Nick: 'This could break us'

Andrea McLean

Loose Women presenter Andrea McLean recently revealed to her 179,000 followers that she was kicking the New Year off by undertaking a gruelling 'gut cleanse', with her husband Nick Feeney.

The 49-year-old took to her social media to explain that the cleanse wasn't for weight loss purposes, but was instead to help re-set her "poorly" body.

It's not yet clear why Andrea is on the cleanse - but it seems the new diet is proving tricky for the couple, who married in 2016.

In a caption, Andrea explained to fans exactly what was going on. She wrote, 'So... for reasons that will be explained, I have to go on a ‘gut cleanse’. Not a detox, or a weight loss for January thing, it’s to re-set a very poorly system that needs help.

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'There was absolutely no point starting this in December for very obvious reasons, so it made sense to begin in January when the rest of the world is a bit more forgiving towards someone having to cut lots of things out of their everyday diet.

'I have to do this for 2 months. Today is DAY 2. This has very nearly BROKEN US!! Nick is very sportingly doing it with me, but he is struggling even more than me - probably because he doesn’t HAVE to do it!'

In a video on her Instagram, Andrea and her husband Nick were seen chatting to the camera, explaining how tough they were finding their new, 2-month diet plan.

Nick said, "I'm struggling...I'm trying not to swear!"

He went on to joke with Andrea, saying, "Why don't you cleanse and I just eat loads?", to which she desperately replied, "This could break us if I have to do this on my own, because you said you'd do it with me!"

Nick then responded, "I will do it with you, but I may kill someone", prompting a rather concerned look from his wife!

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However, despite the couple's difficulties, plenty of Andrea's fans were on hand to offer support as they began the cleanse. One said, 'Aw good luck. Hope it helps you xx'

While another wrote, 'Wish you both strength in testing times... keep us posted xx'.

Other followers were concerned about the reasons behind Andrea's drastic new meal plan, with many asking her to explain more about exactly why she was doing it. One commented, 'I wish I knew what this was all about Andrea,you certainly don't need to loose any weight! ❤️❤️'.

And another asked, 'Why do you have to do it..??? Xx'.

We guess we'll just have to wait to hear more from the Loose Women star...

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