Adele's Brit Awards 2022 performance already met with controversy

Adele will be performing at the Brit Awards 2022 in London, but her appearance has sparked some controversy with loyal fans

Adele's Brit Awards performance
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Adele is set to perform at the 42nd Brit Awards ceremony that is set to take place on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, but her performance has already sparked controversy.

Tonight Adele will perform at the Brit Awards in London. Although fans are delighted to see her perform once again, many are frustrated given the current circumstances.

On Good Morning Britain, showbiz editor Richard Arnold told viewers that tonight would be Adele's first appearance at the Brits since 2016, host Richard Madeley sarcastically responded, "And you think she'll actually turn up?"

TalkRadio presenter Kevin O'Sullivan said on social media, "Adele insists she will perform at next week's BRIT Awards. Stand by for her heartbreak announcement that she won't. While sobbing."

These comments were clear digs referencing the recent debacle Adele has faced after she was forced to cancel tour dates. On January 20, Adele shocked fans by canceling her Las Vegas residency last minute, and many fans were left devastated.

Adele insisted that she couldn't do a 'stripped back' show for Las Vegas residency as she explained on social media, 'we've tried absolutely everything that we can to pull it together in time and for it to be good enough for you, but we've been absolutely destroyed."

Rumors have even suggested that Adele's Las Vegas residency could be rescheduled for October 'at the earliest', but ultimately it has been unclear to fans when exactly the show will take place.

Adele expected to make this insane amount per show during Vegas residency, so many have been confused by the latest announcement that she will perform at the Brit Awards, as many assumed her residency would be a top priority.

When Adele first revealed on social media on February 1 that she would be returning to the UK to perform at the Brit Awards, many fans were shocked. 

"Shouldn’t you be rehearsing and hiring in Vegas to fulfill obligations before doing other stuff?" questioned one fan.

"What about all those people that have lost money because u canceled at the last min. Where is their performance?" added another.

Despite some fans being disappointed, many are just looking forward to seeing the star perform at the Brits and many have their fingers crossed that the singer will be sweeping the ceremony tonight and taking home various awards for her album, 30.

"I'm only watching the Brit awards to see Adele," said one Adele-obsessed fan on Twitter.

Others have joked that they would do anything to see this performance. "The urge to drop out of uni, sell my kidney, buy a one-way ticket to London and watch Adele performing at Brits," said one mega-fan on social media.

The Brit Awards will be televised on ITV at 8pm GMT / 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

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