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When you were young, you used to complain that you didn't feel grown up, and that being an adult terrified you. Your mother would say, "Darling, I don't think you ever feel grown up. I don't feel grown up even now!" And only now can you see that this is completely true. When does being an adult actually begin? Do you ever really feel like an adult?

For some of us, we may seem like mature adults, with responsibilities, careers, children, partners and pets, but this idea of being "grown-up" is all just a façade. Deep down, all we want to do is eat ice cream while listening to David Bowie and gossiping with our friends about men!

These are the 8 tell tale signs that YOU are still a teenager at heart!

1. You giggle uncontrollably...at everything

Whether it's an adorable dog video, a mildly funny joke, or a badly done advert, you're always in fits of hysterics. Laughing all the time shows you are happy and carefree, unaffected by the stresses of adult life - just like a teenager. 2. You blush at the sight of a good-looking man

This applies to handsome men on TV, as well as in real life; Derek Shepherd from Grey's Anatomy and Paul Hollywood from Bake Off will have you swooning like a 16 year-old 'Directioner'!

3. You are unable to control your shopping addiction

As mature, responsible adults, we are supposed to have willpower. But not you! Once again, you've spent way too much money on shoes, and your mother will probably still frown and say, "I thought you didn't have any money?" But we can't be held responsible for our actions when there's a sale on in Debenhams! 4. You really like hanging out with your teenage kids

But not just in a, "lets watch TV together" or "let's chat around the dinner table" way. No, you would be quite happy going to the pub with them, having sleepover-style movie nights with them, and you would even follow them to a club if you could get away with it! Unfortunately, they probably don't understand that you are actually a teenager at heart too, and just see you as their embarrassing grown-up parent.

5. You're always saying the wrong thing

You've still not learnt to ‘think before you speak', and you just can't seem to master all those other social etiquette rules that adults seem to do. You always put your foot in your mouth, especially if you're embarrassed or self-conscious when you've just met someone.

6. You'd pick a burger over a salad any day

Healthy eating is for adults, and you're not one of them! You know you should eat healthily, but you just can't resist ordering a burger or a steak in a fancy restaurant.

7. You love to gossip with your girlfriends

Your favourite pastime is still having a glass of wine and a gossip with all your best girlfriends - many of whom you have known since you were a teenager. Whether it's moaning about your partners, or discussing your favourite fashions, you love having girly chats.

8. You're still learning

Who says learning is only for the young? Even though you're in your 40s, you're still making mistakes and learning from them every day. You might look like you've got it all figured out, but really you're just making it up as you go along! But that's fine, because you're still growing, and the growing up never really ends (thank goodness!).