63% Of Men Believe We Use Make-Up To Trick Them, Survey Finds

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  • Applying make-up is something many of us probably do every day. And it’s great – it’s fun, gives us a confidence boost, and yes, sometimes helps us to cover up those blemishes or dark circles we’d rather the whole world didn’t get a glance at.

    But while we know the value of applying a good bit of lippy, or the satisfaction of crafting the perfect smokey eye, it seems not everyone agrees with our innocent reasonings.

    In fact, a recent poll took a look into the reasons people think women wear make-up. The survey, conducted by YouGov, asked 5855 US adults their thoughts – and the results were suitably depressing.

    The poll revealed that a huge 63% of men believe that the main reason women wear make-up is to trick men into thinking they’re more attractive than they really are. Yes, we can’t quite believe that either.

    And if that fact was hard to swallow, get ready for this next one. According to the poll, 43% of women also share the same view, that women aim to trick men about their real appearance by wearing make-up.

    It’s undeniable that, sometimes, the media portrays images of women that don’t quite look the everyday women on the street. However, we thought it was pretty shocking that only 30% of men who took the survey strongly agree that women are held to impossible beauty standards by the media, with 11% strongly disagreeing.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly however, over half of women, 53%, agree that popular images hold women to a ridiculous beauty standard, with 31% ‘somewhat agreeing’.

    But the poll certainly didn’t leave out analysing men’s apperance too, and how they might be aiming to ‘trick’ women. Oh no. Apparently, 34% of women who took the survey revealed that they thought men grew facial hair to trick women – disguising imperfections and perhaps a less-than-chiselled jaw. Hmm…

    Despite pushing for more honest and real campaigns recently, perhaps we’re not as forward-thinking a society as we could be…

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