5 Things We Discovered About The Apple Watch

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  • In my attempt to stay totally on top of the trends, it turns out I’ve developed and addiction to all things apple. A gold phone they say… I want one now… and give me the big one. An ipad, a mini, oh and a gold air to match. I admit it… I want all things apple.

    So as the clock struck 8 on April 10th, I was iPad in one hand, air in the other, ready and in position to make my most exciting online purchase so far this year.

    My wrist was more than ready for this arm candy and I was determined to be front of the queue.

    Feeling fashion forward, I was gunning for black and gold, but at £12,000 I was going to have to give it a miss. Instead I went for the cheap one… the sport. In comparison £299 seemed like a snip… sleek and black it was guaranteed to go with everything!

    After what felt like weeks of waiting, my new indulgence finally arrived.

    And now it’s finally here… this is what I’ve discovered…

    1. Women need an apple watch. Phone in, phone out – there’s no longer the need to get your phone out your bag when it bings. With all your notifications coming through on your own wrist, it just takes a glance to know who’s trying to get hold of you.

    2. On the move? When you’re running from A to B and need a bit of hands free, you can actually make that call without the hassle of dropping your handbag (…s).

    3. So who knew about Siri? I mean how he/she knows SO much. ‘Hey Siri, Wake me up at 6.’ ‘Hey Siri, where am I going for lunch?’ Turns out they’re a genius… and they don’t mind being bossed around.

    4. Notes when you need them. Having a brain wave…? Then speak at your watch. It’ll have it noted in no time – and what’s more, sync it with all your other sensational ideas.

    5. The ultimate calorie counter. Shall I have that pudding..? Turns out not. Tracking your move from start to finish, if you really want to know how much you’re working out, it’s at the press of a button.

    I’m only on day 4 and have so much more to discover… but despite everyone’s doubts, I’m pretty sure this one won’t be left behind on the bedside table.

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