20 Times You Opened Your Mouth And Your Mother Came Out

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  • When we were younger, as much as we loved our mothers, they could talk a good load of rubbish. They would give us silly advice, tell us white lies that were clearly untrue, and always stick their noses into our business. As wide-eyed teenagers, we swore we would never be like them!

    Fast-forward a couple of decades, and we are starting to realise that our very worst fears are coming true! We are becoming more and more like our mothers every day. As we parent our own children, our mothers are watching on with that knowing glare which seems to say, ‘I told you so’.

    So here are some examples of those phrases that slip out of our mouths and remind us we are not so different to our mothers after all…

    1. If the wind changes while you’ve got that dirty look on your face, you’ll be stuck like that.

    2. Money doesn’t grow on trees, you know!

    3. If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all

    4. No darling, of course I never got drunk when I was your age.

    5. Am I talking to a brick wall?

    6. Are you really going out dressed like that?

    7. What do you think this house is, a hotel?

    8. If you’re too full to finish your dinner, you’re too full for pudding

    9. No sex before marriage!

    10. Do as I say and not as I do.

    11. I’ll treat you like an adult when you start acting like one

    12. If you stick your tongue out again, it will fall off

    13. You won’t eat your dinner? Just think of those poor starving children in Africa

    14. Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed-bugs bite

    15. What did your last slave die of?

    16. If everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?

    17. Boys are only after one thing!

    18. That’s for me to know and you to find out

    19. Don’t sit too close to the TV – you’ll get square eyes

    And finally…

    20. When you have kids of your own, you’ll understand!

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