2 Underdogs We’ve Fallen In Love With

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  • These two dogs haven’t had the best starts in life, but thankfully everything is working out for them.

    Read on for the inspirational stories of two precious pups – and get ready to fall in love!

    Lisa, the unusual looking puppy

    Meet Lisa, the adorable puppy who has just been adopted from the HSSV (Humane Society Silicon Valley) in California by the Doblar family.


    Lisa is unusual-looking because she has suffered from facial chemical burns. Finnegan Dowling of the HSSV said: “We’re unsure of how she sustained the injury as the burns were completely healed when she wound up in our care”. However, her burns have not stopped her being a lovely, friendly puppy, as he described her as a “normal, squirmy, loving 11-week old pup”.


    The Doblar family adopted her at a non-profit adoption event at the HSSV last weekend. Christine Doblar said: “she is a precious girl! We adore her! She has the entire family wrapped around her tiny little paw.”


    Christine said her two daughters have decided to rename their new best friend Lucky. She certainly is lucky to have found such a great new home!

    (Photographs: Jackie Macmillan/HSSV/REX Shutterstock)

    Ralph, the ‘sausage roll’

    This delightful dog is Ralph, the six-year-old Dachschund who was given a new set of wheels this month after a painful battle with intevertebratal disk disease, a genetic spinal disorder.


    His lovely owners Carmel and Cameron Nall have spent more than $12,000 nursing their beloved Ralph through surgeries and rehabilitation after he lost all feeling and movement in his hind legs last September.

    Ms Nall said: “he is my baby and you would never give up on your child, so we just did what we had to do”.


    His wheels definitely don’t slow him down – he’s high spirited and loves playing with his ball. He has some movement and feeling back in his legs, giving his owners hope that one day he will walk again. 


     Ralph truly is an inspirational little sausage!

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