15 Times Strong Women Made History In 2015

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  • The women who made their mark on the world in 2015

    2015 has been an extraordinary year for women. Whether it’s gay marriage being legalised in the US and Ireland, Adele proving she can outpace the big boys when it comes to pretty much everything, or a nervous amateur baker sweeping to victory on a BBC relaity competition, there wa a story to inspire most women to think we could dream a little bit bigger.

    However, there are still obstacles to overcome, such as the pay gap which is is still something we have yet to defeat. In fact, this year it was reported that the disparity between payment for men and women had actually worsened as women get older. The Chartered Management Institute found that women in management positions who are older than 40 take home 35% less than men do. Compare this to the average gap of 19% that has been calculated for the UK.

    Meanwhile, England’s women’s football team was wiping the floor with the men’s. Captained by Steph Houghton during the Women’s World Cup this summer, they won over many skeptics who thought women couldn’t play properly. They got further through the tournament than the male team did in theirs and also trounced historic rivals Germany. A study this year also revealed that male footballers took twice as long to celebrate a goal as female players, and men also spent 30 seconds longer lying down when injured. Just going to show that women’s sport might not be such a joke after all – especially after England’s male team’s disappointing show in Rio in 2014.

    But if sport doesn’t float your boat regardless of gender, 2015 was still an incredible year for women, who ushered in some truly momentous changes. An 82-year-old US justice called Ruth Bader Ginsburg became the defining voice of the equal marriage law now that was passed.

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