14 Things Only Contact Lens Wearers Know To Be True

While you can’t deny the convenience of contact lenses, there are problems that all contact lens wearers will encounter at one time or another. Having two polymer discs do all the hard work for your eyes saves you the hassle of endless squinting, headaches and clunky glasses that should never see the light of day. Laser eye surgery? You’ve contemplated it, but the thought of having intense beams of light piercing your retina for £50,000* (*wildly exaggerated price) a pop isn’t the most appealing prospect.

Here are more harsh realities for all contact lens wearers:

1. The searing pain when putting in a torn contact lens


2. Ditto for one carrying a minuscule hair/eyelash/piece of fluff


3. Having to add at least 20 extra minutes to your morning and/or night routine to clean the damned things

4. The fear and confusion of whether or not it is inside out


5. The joys of having orange dye put on your bottom eyelid at check-ups. “And look to the left…..”

6. Walking around with a permanent wink after losing a contact lens

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7. Only swapping to glasses in front of trusted loved ones

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8. Pretending to the optician that you wear them for less than 12 hours a day and go ‘at least one day without wearing them’


9. Finding dried lenses around your bin/bathroom basin/entire house

almost daily

11. Losing a lens on the floor and never finding it again… (It would be great if they weren’t see-through)

12…Or losing a lens on the floor and having to put it back in covered in detritus… 

13…Or the eternal fear that you’ve lost it behind your eyeball

14… Being so tired that you forget if you have taken them out of your eyes already and having to widly grab at your eyes to check whilst potentially scratching your naked retina.

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