10 Things Only Cat Owners Know

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  • If you’re a cat owner, you’ll know just how completely endeering our feline friends can be. They’re smart, sassy and altogether fascinating creatures. Whether yours is a cuddler or a climber, no house is a home without a cat roaming the hallway or curled up on a chair somewhere. Here are ten things you’ll appreciate if you are a proud cat owner…

    1. Cats cannot be ‘owned’

    Yes, you may have paid for him, you feed, ‘clothe’ and wash him. So, you may consider him your possession but you absolutely do not own this cat, and he knows it. As he’s clambering up and down your legs for attention, you are like putty in his hands, feeding him treats and giving him a great big stroke.

    2. You can never have too many photos of your cat

    Your phone is full of fluffy faces, pictures of furry limbs sprawled across various pieces furniture, looking as happy as can be. And one picture is not enough, as he stirs and wriggles in his sleep, you are coo-ing excessively, snapping away.

    3. Cats have distinct personalities

    They can be playful – always catching and jumping at things, or docile – planting their furry bodies down on any lap that sits there long enough. Whatever their temperament, every cat has their own unique personality and no one knows them as well as you do. You even find yourself defending him when he accidentally scratches a house guest… ‘He doesn’t mean it, he just doesn’t realise how sharp his claws are…’

    4. The meaning of the word ‘vet’ is fully understood by all cats

    You’ve arrived home from work early in order to attend a vet’s appointment. You deliberately shut your cat inside all day in anticipation of getting there on time. But as soon as that wiry, clinical looking cat carrier comes out of the cupboard, he’s nowhere to be seen. The vet is completely unsurprised when you ring, once again, to postpone the appointment because you simply can’t lay your hands on the cat.

    5. Despite their stereotypically independent nature, cats are wonderfully affectionate

    As they purr softly and run their silky smooth furr round your ankles, you can’t help but pick them up for a big cuddle. There’s nothing better than a lap-cat to warm your knees as you’re watching the tele or a furry hot water bottle to keep your feet warm during the night…

    6. You will question their morality

    As they are dragging half dead creatures through the kitchen and you are up in arms at how he could possibly hurt such a gentle creature. The reality is that cats are innate hunters. Whether it’s a butterfly or a rabbit, if it moves and twitches, it’s dinner or a play thing for your feline friend. (Unless of course your cat, like so many others, has a dire aim and moves far too slowly)

    7. They do hibernate

    Despite biology books telling us otherwise, cats do enter a kind of hibernation when winter arrives and you would give anything to trade places with him. As he yawns, stretches and sprawls his way around your toasty warm bed. He snuggles back under the covers to sleep the cold, dark winter days away, cats must be the most envied creature during the colder months.

    8. You’re never surprised at where you find him sleeping

    On the window ledge, in your sock drawer, even in your handbag – you’ve seen it all and it no longer makes you jump when you find your furry friend curled up in the most obscure place or see him clambering out of a kitchen cupboard.

    9. Cats share and share alike

    You have cupboards piled high with tinned cat food and specially formulated biscuits to make his coat extra shiny but your feline friend much prefers to share your roast chicken fresh from the oven or ready peeled king prawns and, of course, you oblige.

    10. You can’t shake fear that you may well be a crazy cat lady one day

    You started off with just one cat and now, being totally swept away by their affection, you have several. Despite your efforts to keep the cats off the chairs, teach them who’s boss and prise the moulting hair off your work clothes, it appears that you are, slowly but surely, turning into a crazy cat lady…

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