The 10 Travel Apps You Don’t Want To Jet Off Without

Who doesn’t love a holiday? We plan for months on end, scouring hundreds of guidebooks for the best insider tips, dreaming of white sandy beaches and endless blue skies. When the day of departure finally arrives, you’re still wedging things into your suitcase and scraping a first aid box together. We can’t help with your packing, but our round up of the 10 best travel apps can help you with just about everything else.

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Whether you’re off to shred some snow on the slopes or you’re simply looking for a bit of sun, we’ve made your next trip a whole lot easier. Now your iPhone or Android can provide you with live weather updates, translate an entire menu and even let you know how much you should be tipping your waiter.

And the best news is that most of them are free. So if you’re on the lookout for your very own personal assistant that won’t break the bank, take a look at our pick of the top 10 apps for the discerning traveller…

1. FlightTrack 5

This handy little app is every frequent flyer’s dream. You can follow the flight path of thousands of international flights, as well as receive instant updates about any delays or cancellations to your journey.

Available on iPhone (£3.99), Android (£3.20)

2. JetLag Genie

There’s nothing worse than waking up on Monday morning with your body clock still stuck somewhere around 4pm the day before. This personalised alarm clock system will help you get over your jetlag before that dreaded back-to-work wake up call.

Available on iPhone (£2.29)

3. Sunscreen

We’ve all been there – it’s only day two of your tropical getaway and you seem to have developed a heightened sense of confidence in your tanning ability. Avoid the lobster look with this app, which lets you know when it’s time for some more sun cream.

Available on iPhone (free)

4. Tipulator

Believe it or not, leaving your waiter a hefty tip in Japan will cause them mortal offence. Avoid any mealtime awkwardness with this useful dining out app, which works out the socially acceptable amount to tip – whatever your location.

Available on iPhone (free), Windows (£0.79)

5. Foodspotting

Craving some authentic pad thai in downtown LA? The Foodspotting app finds photos and recommendations for over 2.5 million dishes, so now you can satisfy all of your gastronomic fancies wherever you are in the world.

Available on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry (all free)

6. Findery Imagine a treasure map, but for today’s tech savvy traveller. Use other peoples’ tips and recommendations to help you curate the ultimate to-do list for your next  destination, whether it’s Madrid or Marrakech.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free)

7. Word Lens

For those of us who haven’t grasped the French language beyond asking for the failsafe glass of ‘vin rouge’, this app puts in all the lingual legwork for you. Using your phone’s camera, it can translate entire menus, so you don’t have to worry about getting your order disastrously wrong.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free)

8. Touchnote
This print-cum-postal service app is a wonderfully nostalgic piece of technology. Design your own postcard using your favourite holidays pics and it will be sent anywhere you want in the world, all for £1.49.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free)

9. XE Currency

Need to convert currencies on-the-go? This lets you keep track of live exchange rates for every world currency, view historical rates – and calculate your prices with its currency converter. Plus, it stores the last updated rates, so it even works when the Internet doesn’t.

Available on iPhone (free), Android (free), Windows Phone (free), BlackBerry (free)

10. Living Earth

Simplicity is key in the design of the beautiful Living Earth app, allowing you to view live world weather maps featuring temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts in stunning 3D fashion.

Available on iPhone (£2.29)