Line of Duty fans reveal apprehension for tonight's episode as Martin Compston teases with Instagram posts

The last episode finished on a cliff hanger

DI Kate Fleming and DI Steve Arnott in BBC's Line of Duty
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Last week's episode finished on one of the biggest cliffhangers that Line of Duty has teased us with since it started - Kate in the line of fire.

So, it's only reasonable that fans would be apprehensive about tonight's episode and what will be in store for DI Fleming, as baddie Ryan Pilkington was pointing his gun at her, and shots of gunfire were heard as the credit rolled.

Line of Duty fans took to Twitter today to show their concern for Kate, and others revealed their theories about who shot who in the last episode. 

While actor Martin Compston has been teasing fans all week with his Line of Duty-inspired Instagram posts.

Episode Five of Line of Duty season 6 saw DSI Jo Davidson lure DCI Kate Fleming into a trap. Kate then faced off with corrupt cop Ryan Pilkington, both with guns turned on each other. Gunshots followed before the credits rolled, but to the shock of many viewers, Kate’s fate going into the penultimate episode of the series was left unknown. 

So with tonight's episode just hours away of course fans have revealed how anxious they are about tonight's episode. One fan of the show took to Twitter to ask: "Most important question of the day: is Kate alive?"

While another tweet seemed to echo other fans thoughts, when they wrote: "If Kate dies in line of duty tonight I won’t be able to do anything for the rest of the week."

Other fans of the BBC show gave their theories, with one saying: "My theory for tonight’s #LineOfDuty is Ryan has shot Jo, and Kate has shot Ryan..."

Another fan added: "Not long to go now until the next installment fella! My theory; Pilkington is taken out... but is it Kate or Jo who fires the gun?"

Meanwhile, actor Martin Compston, who plays DI Steve Arnott, has been teasing fans all week with his Instagram posts.

On Thursday he posted a picture of him and his colleagues rushing onto the crime scene, with the caption: "Uh oh the gloves are going on."

Yesterday he also posted a picture of him and his ex Line of Duty castmate Cheif Constable Osbourne as he joked: "Amazing to get on a (golf) course on day off with the big fella, no caddy’s of course with Covid."

It has also been revealed that tonight's episode will involve a 29 minute AC-12 interrogation scene. 

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