Miranda Hart opens up about anxiety - but denies treatment claims

Comedian and actress Miranda Hart has been forced to deny that she is undergoing a 'brain detox' in order to help her deal with her anxiety.

The 45-year-old faced speculation over the weekend that she was set to undergo the anxiety treatment for a new BBC documentary.

However, she has since hit back against the claims, saying that it is important to her that her fans know it isn't true. She also clarified that she has suffered from anxiety, 'in the past'.

On her Twitter page, Miranda wrote, ' As I said in my Comic Relief book I’ve suffered from anxiety in the past, but apparently I'm doing a ‘brain detox’ or some treatment which I felt important to say on a sensitive subject is NOT true.'

Holding up a picture of herself holding her recent book, she then joked, 'Forget the Baftas for glam, check out this selfie #nomakeupjoy'.

Previously, Miranda Hart has opened up about her past anxiety battle, which she admitted had been an ongoing struggle throughout most of her life.

In her book, Miranda's Daily Dose of Such Fun,she confessed that in her toughest moments, even going to post a letter felt too difficult.

The actress wrote, 'Life during times of acute anxiety has been like wading through treacle and on bad days getting to the end of the street to post a letter was hard, such was the extreme level of fear in my body.'

She also admitted that her life as a comedian has worked in parallel with her mental health struggles.


'There's a lot of talk about comedians being depressed and I think, in many cases, it's absolutely true. I definitely have that side to my personality - naturally my glass is half-empty, so I make a conscious effort to keep the positive attitude going.'

In the past, the former Call the Midwife star admitted that she believes it is her natural default to feel 'a bit under'.

Miranda Hart confessed in her 2016 book, "I think I’ll always be a slightly anxious person. It’s just bad genes, bad luck really. I’ll always have to force myself to see the positive, because I’m wired badly.


“I’m just naturally a bit under, a bit depressed.”

Miranda has also revealed that writing has often helped her to channel feelings of low mood, and has helped her into a more positive frame of mind.

The popular actress is now utilising her social media channels in order to provide happy and positive posts and life advice for her fans.

In response to a fan, who said she looks 'happy' and 'relaxed, Miranda responded, 'I am all those things!'

She went on to share, 'Number 1 rule for any of you suffering from anxiety: love and look after yourself and from there you can heal broken wings and start to soar.'

Amy Hunt
Amy Hunt

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