The best incentive ever for an early night

Promotional feature with Harrison Spinks

Put the one-size-fits-all back in its box and invest in a handmade, expertly crafted mattress that can be tailored to your needs

Think about your perfect bedroom: crisp linen, chunky throws and cushions galore, right? But without a sumptuous mattress to sink into, even the most tactile finishing touches can’t deliver great sleep. It’s what’s under the covers that counts.

Just like a foundation that whisks away every flaw or the tummy-skimming underwear that gives your LBD its wow, a mattress by Harrison Spinks might not be immediately visible but it’ll turn your bed into something extra-special.

Each of its handcrafted beds combines everything you need for superior slumber: unparalleled comfort, sustainable materials and innovative technology that ensures every inch of you is perfectly supported.

However, it’s not just the natural fillings, such as temperature-regulating wool, mohair, hemp and flax, or the HD lightweight titanium pocket springs that go into its mattresses – each one is a product of the company’s rich heritage, too.

A fifth-generation family bedmaker, Harrison Spinks uses its 180 years of experienced craftsmanship to create unrivalled comfort for everyone. It even makes bespoke, non-standard sizes or mattresses with different levels of firmness on each side – perfect for partners who struggle to find a bed to suit them both. You’ll soon be making time for early nights and savouring those Sunday morning lie-ins.

From farm to filling

All its beds are expertly made by craftspeople in Yorkshire, using only the finest materials. Harrison Spinks even goes so far as to produce almost every component for its luxury beds: growing natural fillings on its 300-acre farm, sourcing timber from its 56-acre woodland, weaving its own fabric and rearing sheep for their wool.

Not only are these natural materials better for the environment, replacing any manmade foam and polyester, they’re more comfortable and breathable, too. In fact, once you’ve slept on a Harrison Spinks mattress, you’ll find that no other compares.

So the next time you think about your perfect bedroom, start with the most important part – a luxurious, handcrafted mattress on a beautiful bed.