B&Q's 6ft Smart Natural-Looking Artificial Christmas Tree review

Best smart Christmas tree

B&Q's 6ft Smart Natural-Looking Artificial Christmas

A smart artificial tree, at an even smarter price. B&Q’s smart tree comes pre-lit with 300 multi-function LED bulbs for a traditional look. Looking for the best artificial Christmas trees? You're in the right place with our detailed reviews.

The dual coloured bulbs can be changed from warm white to multicoloured lights. The thoroughly smart design means the lights are compatible with both Google Home and Alexa devices. As with many of our smart home appliances, these days the voice control functionality allows us to control the lights with a single spoken command – for an easy and fun way to involve all the family.

Star rating: 5 out of 5

Size dimensions: H183cm

Price: £120

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What style are the lights?

Not only is there the option to choose between warm white or multicolour lights, but there are seven multifunction settings allowing you to choose your desired look for every occasion. The settings include White, White White; Blink White; Multicolour Fade; Multicolour; Blink Multicolour; Colour Change and Off. With one voice control, this tree goes from a traditional looking Christmas tree to a merry and bright Christmas tree ready to party.

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The natural light is a soft warm glow best suited to metallics and snowy white themes. The more outrageous multicoloured lights are better suited to more kitsch and playful decorations – to create a rainbow vibe, which kids will adore.

Is it good value for money?

When trying to guess the price for such a spectacular looking faux tree with its winning technology elements, we went way higher than the £120 price tag. That’s a lot of tree and pizzazz for the money.

B&Q smart tree

How realistic is it?

In terms of realism, this tree is a thoroughly good fake. The densely populated branches are spread across three sections, all of which are an even mix of moulded PE and traditional PVC tips to emulate the look and feel of real spruce. Combined with the more tinsel-like branches, which are there more to add density nearer to The stand is very robust, helping to ensure the tree feels very stable. When carrying out the ‘running past in an excitable hurry test’ the tree barely wavers. As good a test as any for a family-friendly Christmas tree.

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The branches support even the heaviest of baubles and glass decorations, which at their heaviest merely mimic slight drooping which you’d get with real tree branches. The very realistic forest green colouring makes this tree suitable for any colour scheme, particular those that consist of traditional reds and greens. The colour choice will be very much dependent on the light colour choice you choose to select.

Any downsides to this tree?

The only possible downside, if you can call it that, is the fact it’s quite heavy. We received a text message from the retailer on the morning of delivery to say ‘the shipment contains a heavy parcel in excess of 30 kilos. Please ensure someone will be able to assist with the delivery’. But turns out it wasn’t actually that heavy – but we like the fact that B&Q thought to prepare us.

All it simply means is that you might struggle to get it back into the loft without breaking a sweat, it’s more suitable to store in the shed or a storage cupboard if possible. It does pack away without too much trouble, into the original box which is durable to see you through years of unboxing.

Are any other sizes available?

It’s also available in a 7ft 6-inch version if you want even more of a showstopper.

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