Enjoy A Great Night’s Sleep On The Opulent Duxiana Bed

Imagine a bed that combines superior comfort with stylish design. It’s Duxiana, the legendary bed by luxury Swedish company DUX and its retail chain Duxiana.

Duxiana beds are a favourite with royalty, top hotels and discerning women because they boost the quality of your sleep. We spend about a third of our life in bed and a good night’s sleep makes a tremendous difference to our health and well being – yet so many of us suffer from insomnia and poor sleep, which in turn can have a devastating impact on our moods energy, concentration and relationships. A major cause of sleeplessness is discomfort and it’s this that DUX set out to address.

Drawing upon the latest technology and sleep research, the company has created beds that provided the optimum balance of comfort and support, giving you a restful, restoring night’s sleep. Scientifically controlled tests recording electrical brain activity have revealed that people who have a DUX bed reach deep sleep faster and enjoy it for an hour longer every night than those sleeping on comparable models.

Made with the finest materials, such as the strongest Northern pinewood and organic cotton with a very high thread count, Duxiana beds are as gorgeous as they are comfortable. With their deep-buttoned headboard and padded, quilted frame in elegant grey or brown, they give every bedroom a cool, sophisticated look. Each bed can also be personalised to meet your personal body shape and preferences, from adding lumbar support systems to personal comfort zones. The Duxiana range also includes luxurious bedrooms accessories, furnishings and linens to go with the beds.

Duxiana have now launched a new display at Harrods to showcase their range, along with their flagship store at 46 George Street in London, and, to celebrate, they have come up with a very special offer for Woman & Home readers: starting on 2 January, if you buy a DUX bed you can get a discount of up to £1,000 or £1,300 worth of exquisite accessories (dependent on model selected). The offer is available both at Harrods and at the Duxiana showroom.

For more information about DUXIANA and the DUX range of beds, see www.duxiana.co.uk.

Apester Lazyload

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