Eco-conscious Brits try and outdo friends and neighbourswith environmental efforts

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Forget the Joneses - eco-conscious Brits are now ‘keeping up with the Greens’ by trying to outdo friends and neighbours in the environmental stakes.

While one-upmanship was traditionally confined to competitions over who has the flashiest gadgets or the tidiest front garden, things are taking a shift towards being green.

A survey has found 22 per cent have tried to outdo their peers when it comes to recycling and reducing their carbon footprint.

One in five said they have fallen out with a friend or neighbour because they thought they were harming the environment.

And 15 per cent admitted they judge their neighbours for their lack of recycling.

eco conscious Brits trying outdo neighbours

The survey by Hyundai revealed four in 10 adults actively inform friends and family if they have bought an eco-friendly product.

More than half (58 per cent) admitted they get annoyed at neighbours who put recyclable items in with general waste.

To make a point, one in 13 made a habit of ensuring their neighbours could see how much recycling they putting out on bin day.

The research also found 80 per cent of adults take pleasure in recycling while 70 per cent have tried to be more energy efficient over the past two years.

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And a third of adults said they have considered or are considering cutting back on beef and dairy consumption.

And when it comes to car buying, a vehicle’s green credentials are four times as important as its acceleration and top speed.

Nearly 60 percent would consider owning an electric or hybrid vehicle instead of a petrol or diesel - to cut down on their carbon emissions.

eco conscious Brits trying outdo neighbours

However, cost (58 per cent) was the biggest concern for Brits considering an eco-friendly car, followed by worries about enough charging points (54 per cent).

A spokesperson for Hyundai said: ‘The findings show how important the environment is to people living in the United Kingdom.

‘Seventy per cent of respondents regard man-made climate change and pollution as the biggest issue facing humanity.’

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