Easy gardening tips that every gardener should know—but often doesn’t

Celebrity gardener David Domoney shares his simple and cheap ways to make your garden great again

wild flower garden
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There’s a lot to learn about gardening but when it comes to the basics of planting, pruning, and feeding, there are some things that every gardener should know.

You don’t need a degree in horticulture to develop those green fingers, and celebrity gardener David Domoney, who regularly gives viewers tips on ITV’s This Morning, can certainly teach us all a thing or two about the simple rules of success when it comes to gardening.

While the best foundation might help make you look your prettiest, there isn't a plant equivalent to make your blooms look beautiful. But with these basic steps, you'll be closer to having the garden of dreams—just think of it as a pedicure for your plants.

Now spring has arrived, and Holly Willoughby has inspired us to get green-fingered, it’s the perfect time for preparing the garden to glow, and all you need to create fantastic results is 1p, a banana skin, and some pruning shears.

How do you prune properly?

How do you tell if a plant is dormant or dead?

How do you feed plants naturally?

How to grow tastier tomatoes?

Lastly, every gardener should know David's book My Houseplant Changed My Life is available to buy on Amazon.

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