Cartier: Le Style Et L’Histoire

Discover the most bedazzling pieces from Cartier's largest exhibition to date.

Legacies have been established by the right choice of diamonds. For Hollywood legends and Royalty alike, there was only ever one place to go to find diamond-decked immortality.

Now, after almost 200 years of bejewelling the rich, famous and royal, Cartier are finally cracking open the jewellery box. Opening this December in the Grand Palais in Paris, Cartier will reveal the stories behind some of their most iconic pieces.

With over 600 pieces of jewellery on show, this is their biggest exhibition to date and will include an exclusive selection of prized gems made specially for the celebrity elite, including Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace of Monaco, Wallis Simpson and Queen Elizabeth II herself.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, the exhibition also delves in to the early beginnings of Cartier, and how it developed to become the leading jewellery power house that we know today.

It’s not long until the exhibition doors open. But if you can’t wait, whet your appetite with our edit of the most bedazzling pieces on show this winter.

Sarah Holmes

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