'Me Before You' Sequel: Jojo Moyes' Third Book In The Trilogy Released

me before you
me before you
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Get ready to weep - Jojo Moyes, author of one of the most heartbreaking books of recent years has penned a new new novel - and it's a follow up to the brilliant, but truly heart-wrenching Me Before You and After You books.

Still Mewas released last month, and offers readers the conclusion to Louisa and Will's ill-fated romance.

Here's everything you need to know about the third instalment of the trilogy, Still Me...

Jojo's second book in the series was sequel After You, which came out in 2015, and - spoiler alert - saw Lou trying to rebuild her life after had Will had chosen to end his at an euthanasia clinic. Still Mewill revisit Lou and show us how far she's come since Will's death. According to Jojo, the newest book will see Lou travel to New York, where she "finds herself torn between her old life and her new".

Moyes always knew Lou's story wouldn't end in the second book, After You. Speaking about the new novel, she said, "I always knew that once I committed to write the sequel to Me Before You I would also write a third book; I saw it quite clearly as a trilogy. Revisiting Lou has been a joy, as I push her into a completely new country, a brand new world, and a house full of secrets."

It would be no surprise if this book was also made into a film one day.The first book, Me Before You, came out in 2012, and was made into a film in 2016, starring Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin. It was one of the most popular romantic films of the year, and for good reason, with both leading actors paying homage to the original story with vibrant and emotional performances. There have been plenty of calls for anAfter You movie, but no official plans have been announced - yet.

So what are the main themes explored in the latest Me Before You sequel? While Jojo doesn't want to give too much of the plot away, she did say this: "With her usual blend of humour and emotion she (Lou) has to ask herself some pretty fundamental questions - not least which side of the Atlantic does she really belong? I hope readers enjoy this new adventure as much as I've enjoyed writing it."

So what happened in the first and second book?

Me Before You was all about Will and Lou meeting. Will, who is quadriplegic, was hostile towards Lou initially, eventually warming up to her light-hearted and cheeky personality. The couple ended up falling for each other, but sadly, it ended in disaster, when Will chose to end his life due to his disability.

After You sees Lou struggling to cope after the devastating loss of Will. She has a flat and a job in London, but isn't living the exciting life Will wanted her to.

But when a young, 16-year-old girl turns up at her flat, Lou begins to realise that she has to start living again. Fans have repeatedly called for an After You movie to be made, to see Lou's character come to life on screen again.

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