Amazon launches amazing new feature for kindles and fans claim it 'fills them with joy'

This is genius…

Amazon kindle
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Amazon has now launched a new feature on their Kindles that makes the product even closer to being a classic book. 

Amazon has launched a brand new feature on their Kindle that allows users to make their home screen the cover of the book that they are reading. The lock screen can now show the book that you are reading as the display image. 

This is fantastic news for those who are eager to show off their literary prowess, and not such great news for those who use their kindles to indulge in some guilty pleasure trashy literature. So if you're embarrassed by what you're reading - this might not be the update for you!

Engadget first noticed this new feature and reported that this new hack would only be available on curtain kindle devices. Engaget said, “As long as you have a non-ad device, Display Cover is available on the 8th and 10th generation Kindle, 7th and 10th generation Paperwhite, 8th, 9th and 10th generation Oasis and 7th generation Voyage. If you're unsure whether your Kindle is compatible, Amazon has a handy list on its website.”

This new update is not available on kindle that supports adverts. But ad-supported devices can be disabled with a one-time payment.

For those who have a Kindle device that supports this feature, the display lock screen can be activated very easily. Go into Settings and select Device Options, then select the show cover option, and voila! You can proudly show the book you’re reading on your home screen!

Some fans are rather excited about this new invention, one fan said, "great update on kindle! Display cover of current read on the Lock Screen! A good change to have on the device! #kindleoasis #thankyou." Another fan exclaimed, "The fact that Kindle now lets you display the cover of the book you’re reading as the lock screen fills me with so much joy."

Other fans were decidedly less interested in this new update but still appreciated the feature. One Twitter user said, "This is a cosmetic feature. Not really helpful per se, but good-to-have."

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